Best 5 Dive Bars in Houston

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Dive bars occupy a special place in the world. Whether you want to escape the weather, shoot a round of pool, drink craft or cheap beer, have tasty bites, or play a song on a jukebox, Houston’s dive bars will serve you well. Houston has perfected the dive bar, and though spread out (like the rest of Houston) you know one when you see one. Broken down, crusted and caked, tucked into strip malls, embedded in neighborhoods, and always—always—serving Lone Star, Houston’s dives are vestiges of the city’s stubborn will to remain stuck in time. The trick is finding the ones where the dive is worth the fall.   The Dive bars in Houston are known to offer a cool dimly-lit place to quietly unwind after a long day at work and they can be as cozy as a living room. These bars acknowledge that the most important aspect of a successful hangout is a good company, a cool space, and decent drinks. Houston’s dive bars offer this to perfection! Houston’s dive bars are never fussy or pretentious, and they’re fantastic spots to sip a beer or drown out sorrows in a strong cocktail.

5. Sassafras

What an amazing chill spot if you’re looking for an intimate, casual place to hang out and have a low-key evening with friends, this is the bar for you. Sassafras bar is a neighborhood bar located in Oak Forest in Houston. Brought to you by your bartenders at Big Star Bar & Grand Prize Bar. The bar is open 7 days a week from 4 pm to 2 am. Housed in the old Crazy J’s spot, this neighborhood haunt is as cool and laid-back as it gets. The sprawling patio is the best place to take down “fancy and cheap beer, above-average wine, and tasty liquor”.

4. Komodo Pub

Best bar in H town because it’s always lively. Komodo is a super cool dive bar and it looks like a house party. This is a place to check out if you just wait to lay back, have cheap drinks, and enjoy a good time with your friends or company.

3. Warren’s Inn

Looking for an after-work hangout? This is the place. Warren’s Inn is a classic old-time dive bar located in a really historic building. This is one of the best dive bars you’ll go to in the area. The spot features good & friendly people, plenty of seating, a tremendous jukebox, awesome & reasonably priced drinks, and friendly bartenders exhibiting attentive and professional service. Ambiance, semi-dark, velvet walls, one television anchored from the ceiling from the 90s, and the picture was kind of washed-up which pretty much matched the interior. Warren’s decor is a slacker posh – chandeliers, oversized mirrors, a catbird-seat gazebo – and the atmosphere is as casual as it gets, with a lively crew of regulars usually gathered around the bar to catch up on downtown gossip.

2. Big Star Bar

Big Star Bar features a full bar with a wide range of drinks which are reasonably priced – they pour a great gin and tonic, pool table, jukebox & satellite radio, dog friendly, room to dance, normal, screen TV, large outdoor patio – you can sit outside and have a conversation with your friends while drinking and not have to yell to hear each other & has lots of picnic tables and friendly folks as well, intimate setting on the inside, comfy seating, cool lighting inside, live music, craft beer, friendly bartenders, fun atmosphere, good vibes, firepit (in winter), and friends & neighbors. The crowd was very friendly without being pretentious or over eager to socialize. Definitely, a place where you can be yourself and find like-minded people or be each to their own.

1. Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge

Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge is an authentic Sports Bar. The lounge decor looks like it dubs as an antique toy shop and there is a small stage for live music. If you like music with personality this is a great place to enjoy it. The Continental Club’s sister spot Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge brings a little different action to Mid-Main. Funky and eclectic with bright lights and a bit of a vintage circus, Big Top boasts “no cover ever” and a clever motto of “no phone-no pool-no pets.” You’ll discover fun new bands of many stripes and get to play foosball or shuffleboard with your buds if you so desire.

In Conclusion

Dive bars in Houston are characterized by fancy and cheap beer selection, top-notch seatings that are comfortable, lit-up outdoor patio, welcoming indoor areas, a full bar with a variety of decent drinks that are tasty and strong, friendly and professional bartenders and staff in general offering attentive and fast service, state-of-art lighting and sound system, stylish interior, chic decor, and great ambiance.

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