Gay & LGBT Clubs in Houston

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Are you looking for the best gay & lgbt clubs in Houston?

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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best gay & lgbt clubs in Houston. (More in-depth further below)

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The nightlife scene in Houston is as diverse as its community. No matter what color, caste, creed, or sexual orientation you have; Houston treats everyone equally. The city takes pride in having top-notch separate venues for Gays and LGBT. If you are alive and kicking, the city will warm the cockles of your heart! If you have any doubts about it, go visit the Gay and LGBT clubs for yourself! If you agree on nothing short of perfection, Houston clubs are for you! Visit them to get an upbeat fun experience!

1. South Beach

South Beach Houston

South Beach Houston is not a traditional nightclub. In fact, it is a dance club and a gay bar. If you are interested in meeting like-minded people in Houston, this is the place that you should consider visiting. You don’t need to be gay to get into South Beach Houston and enjoy the moments. Even if you are a straight person, you can get in and have a great time. The overall atmosphere that you can find inside South Beach Houston is friendly. You will come across a lot of gays as well as straights during the time that you spend inside the nightclub.

2. Numbers Night Club

Numbers Night Club Houston

Numbers Night Club is one of the most popular nightclubs found in Houston from the 1990s. This nightclub is located in the popular Westheimer Road. The parties that are organized at Numbers Night Club are outstanding and they have been continuing the tradition from the past. Therefore, you will fall in love with what they offer and you will get the need to come back and experience them over and over again.

3. Etro Night Club

Etro Nightclub Houston

Etro Nightclub is one of the most reputed nightclubs that you can discover in Houston. The place of this nightclub recently got shifted for the good. The operations at the new venue started with a grand opening. Since the re-opening, it guarantees that all the guests who walk into the nightclub are provided with a blast.

4. Barbarella

Barbarella Houston

Barbarella is a nightclub located in San Jacinto. It has got the ability to offer perfect nights for everyone. This nightclub is well-known for their ability to play outstanding underground dance music. To experience that, you have to think about visiting the nightclub on Fridays. One of the most outstanding features about Barbarella is that there is a massive dance floor. Televisions that play music are located everywhere as well. This can provide you with an immersive experience during the time that you spend in the nightclub.

In Conclusion

You need not worry about finding the best Gay and LGBT spots as we have found them for you. After visiting all the good venues, we have shortlisted the finest clubs. These clubs are all set to make you feel great. The nights here are as flickering as the dazzling days! The parties go on until the wee hours in the morning. Besides, you get to meet your like-minded crowd here. So, what are you waiting for! Get up and visit these nightspots at your earliest! The fun of your life is seeing your way out there! We hope everything will work out for you there. All The Best! Have a great time!