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Techno music is one of the most loved and popular club music genres worldwide. Houston is blessed to have the ultimate Techno clubs to be found anywhere in the world. The best local talent, as well as the most paramount live DJs and artists of international fame, visit Houston’s Techno clubs to rock the stage! Be prepared for anything in these clubs but never expect anything less than ordinary! The ultimate music of your life is looking for you in Houston! Do Not let your merriest time wait for you anymore!

1. Numbers Night Club

Numbers Night Club Houston

Numbers Night Club is one of the most popular nightclubs found in Houston from the 1990s. This nightclub is located in the popular Westheimer Road. The parties that are organized at Numbers Night Club are outstanding and they have been continuing the tradition from the past. Therefore, you will fall in love with what they offer and you will get the need to come back and experience them over and over again.

2. Etro Nightclub

Etro Nightclub Houston

Etro Nightclub is one of the most reputed nightclubs that you can discover in Houston. The place of this nightclub recently got shifted for the good. The operations at the new venue started with a grand opening. Since the re-opening, it guarantees that all the guests who walk into the nightclub are provided with a blast.

3. iClub Nightclub

iClub Nightclub Houston

The nights that you can experience at iClub Nightclub are outstanding and fascinating. Therefore, you must think about adding it to the list of clubs that you are planning to visit in Houston as well. You will also be able to discover many regulars who visit iClub Nightclub. The parties organized at iClub Nightclub are filled with fun. You will immediately fall in love with those experiences. These parties will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the time of your life as well.

4. Barbarella

Barbarella Houston

Barbarella is a nightclub located in San Jacinto. It has got the ability to offer perfect nights for everyone. This nightclub is well-known for their ability to play outstanding underground dance music. To experience that, you have to think about visiting the nightclub on Fridays. One of the most outstanding features about Barbarella is that there is a massive dance floor. Televisions that play music are located everywhere as well. This can provide you with an immersive experience during the time that you spend in the nightclub.

5. Belvedere

Belvedere Houston

Belvedere is a place that you can use to gather after the sunset. The patio offers a perfect environment for such gatherings. Then you will be able to enjoy the dinner with your friends. You will also be able to discover an excellent patio lounge, which provides an ideal environment for you to enjoy your time. It is a dance and a lounge club. You can think about visiting Belvedere along with a group of friends. The best thing about Belvedere is that there is Latin music. It creates a unique vibe insight the lounge as well.

In Conclusion

If Techno music is your thing, you can’t miss Houston clubs. The world-famous artists will make you shed all the fatigue and get you in the mood. Apart from the musicians and music scene, other club amenities such as ambiance, atmosphere, audience, drinks, and bartenders; everything is on point! We suggest you not waste one single moment to get the ultimate listening experience! A once in a lifetime kind of fun opportunity is looking for you in Houston. So, why are you lagging! What is keeping you away! Just get up and rush to these most heavenly and dreamlike venues on earth to make the merriest moments of your life!

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