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Houston prides itself on having the top-notch House Music clubs to be found anywhere on earth. The city has got the best House Music clubs for the folks who know how to enjoy themselves and make the most out of their existence in this world. You can’t miss Houston’s House Music clubs for their best ambiance, audience, DJs, and music scene. We can safely say, these clubs are taking the city by storm. If you find our declaration hard to believe, go and see these clubs for yourself! You need not try all the clubs as we have brought a list of the top clubs where you can go to shed your worries off!



The nights that you spend in Aura will be filled with fun and excitement. In fact, most of the people who walk into Aura nightclub become regulars of it. That’s because it is possible for them to get a one of a kind experience. The techno dancing and techno lights available at Aura provide an outstanding environment for the guests to enjoy. It is important to keep in mind that Aura becomes crowded at times. Therefore, it will not be the best option available for people who want to spend their time in crowded nightclubs.

2. Etro Nightclub

Etro Nightclub

Etro Nightclub is one of the most reputed nightclubs that you can discover in Houston. The place of this nightclub recently got shifted for the good. The operations at the new venue started with a grand opening. Since the re-opening, it guarantees that all the guests who walk into the nightclub are provided with a blast.

3. Numbers Night Club

Numbers Night Club

Numbers Night Club is one of the most popular nightclubs found in Houston from the 1990s. This nightclub is located in the popular Westheimer Road. The parties that are organized at Numbers Night Club are outstanding and they have been continuing the tradition from the past. Therefore, you will fall in love with what they offer and you will get the need to come back and experience them over and over again.

4. Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana is one of the best places in Houston for you to enjoy your night with dancing. In fact, this is a great nightclub available for the Salsa dancers to visit. That’s because you can enjoy dancing to the Latin music while you are spending your time at Club Tropicana. When you take a look at Club Tropicana, you will feel that you are entering a Latin club. That’s because all the elements of the club, including the dim lights, sketchy location and unwanted valet parking will convince you. In the moment that you walk into Club Tropicana, you will be able to experience a legitimate salsa scene. There is a decent music experience and a friendly crowd available at Club Tropicana. It is complemented with strong dancers.

5. Clé


Clé is a nice-looking nightclub located in Houston. It can be a hit or a miss for everyone. The layout atmosphere that you can find inside Clé is unique and brilliant. You will feel like you walk into a unique world as you walk into the club. It is an upper end nightclub in the region. Therefore, you will be able to get an elegant experience. The overall experience is rich and fascinating. Any person who walks into the club would immediately fall in love with it.

6. Mercy Night Club

Mercy Night Club

Mercy Night Club is not the most popular nightclub that you can find in Houston. However, it can provide a decent experience to the guests. Friday nights at Mercy Night Club are the most exciting. That’s because you can venture into Hip-Hop scene on the Friday nights. On these nights, you can find plenty of people inside the nightclub as well. Therefore, you will be cramped during the time you spend and you will even feel the heat from the bodies.

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In Conclusion

Follow our list of clubs to enjoy your nights in Houston. You will go at night and stay until the wee hours in the morning! This is what these clubs are all about! The music will compel you to stay until the doors are closed. Go visit them at your earliest! There is no point in being hard on yourself! Get up and rush! The ultimate House Music is watching out for you out there! We hope everything will work out for you! Have a great time! Cheers!

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