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The Guesthouse

The Guesthouse is another lively bar in Orlando. The aesthetics of this place is excellent, as there is plenty of places with sunshine during the day due to the glass panels. This creates a festive atmosphere. Moreover, the owners have fully used the sunlight and put plants all over the space to promote a greener tomorrow. The plants are an excellent addition and are a welcome change. There are various liquors and drinks served at the bar here at the cocktails; however, there is a separate trailer at the back of the bar which serves some of the most creative and delicious cocktails in Orlando. The bartenders here are very attentive, making for an outstanding drinking experience.

Sunroom Bar Orlando

The sunroom is quite different from what it is named after. This evening bar starts its operations in the evening, so the vibe is chill. The sunroom offers tropical cocktails and is heavy on the beach vibe. Gin and Pineapple are some of these cocktails’ main components, making for a very delicious experience. Moreover, the location of this café is fantastic, and there are many good bars and restaurants nearby. The portions are here good as well. However, this cocktail is very economical as it offers a golden hour whereby patrons can enjoy delicious drinks and the tropical atmosphere for around $8, which is light on the pocket.

The Oliv Bar Orlando

This is a cozy little bar in Orlando known for its martinis. They make many things for their cocktails and martinis in-house, hence the unique taste. Gin and Citrus are some of the critical components in cocktails and drinks in Orlando; therefore, you will find these staple ingredients in your drinks here at the Oliv Bar. The interior is very well decorated and gives off very cool vibes. The wallpapers alone are very funky – one has a monkey on it – which is very entertaining to look at. Moreover, some very reputed builders and interior designers designed the Oliv Bar, so you will like what they have done with the place. This bar allows you to enjoy a different take on martinis and cocktails while providing a fantastic drinking experience.

Mather’s Social Gathering Bar Orlando

This is one of the most excellent bars to visit in Orlando. This bar is located in an old building in Orlando hence giving it more character and adding to the overall aesthetic of the place. In this café, all the drinks are made with good quality spirits produced in small batches. Moreover, all syrups and other liquids are also made in-house, ensuring quality and taste. The vibe is continued by the smartly dressed bartenders who know how to shake up your drinks and provide a classic drinking experience of the era, which this bar is trying to portray. However, this bar is more known for old-school drinks like Bathtub Gin, comprised of lavender, honey, and Citrus. Hence, the exotic ingredients, catchy theme, and aesthetic interior allow for a good drinking experience.

La Cava Del Tequila Bar Orlando

This bar is located at Walt Disney in Orlando and is the perfect spot to enjoy your drinks after enjoying the park. This bar is known for its tequila, loads, and loads. Some of these drinks served here are the creations of some well-known people, like a signature drink called Avocado made by Neil Patrick Harris. The martinis and tequilas are delicious, and one should often visit this bar just for that vibe alone. This place offers around 200 tequilas to choose from, so the experience is fantastic. Moreover, what distinguishes this bar from the rest is that it offers an exotic experience to its patrons by allowing them to try all the liquors and tequilas with an expert who will help you decide which the perfect drink is for you. This experience attracts people from all over Orlando to La Cava Del Tequila.

Chroma Modern Bar and Kitchen Bar Orlando

Chroma is a modern bar located in Orlando. This bar is one of those few bars offering delicious foods and energetic cocktails. The bar offers handmade sodas, which are unique these days, along with providing cocktails depending on the season. The ever-changing menu attracts people of different taste buds, and hence the place is very vibrant. We have heard that the pad Thai and pasta served here at the Chroma Bar is one of the best in the area. The menu has a variety of cocktails, tequilas, and vodkas to choose from, so you can order depending on your food palette.

Wine Bar George Orlando

Wine Bar George has some of the best wines available in the city. The list consists of over 140 delicious and exotic wines you can pair with different things to get the most out of your drinking experience. The staff here at the Wine Bar is a bit different as they are pretty knowledgeable on the subject of wines and hence can allow you to decide which wine to go for depending on your taste buds, mood, and other things. The food here is also delicious and is excellent to pair with the exotic drinks offered. The diverse menu allows you to eat the food of good quality while not compromising on your drinks. The servers are very polite, and so are the bartenders, so the experience feels exquisite.

Tanqueray’s Bar Orlando

This bar is unique in the Orlando scene and is also popular. This bar is a hotspot for the younger generation to come and enjoy a couple of drinks. The bar is located underground, which contributes to the place’s overall mysterious vibe. The bar offers a host of different cocktails as the bartender is quite chatty and gives you the perfect recommendations. Moreover, besides serving some of the most trendy cocktails, this bar also has live music – seven days a week! – and we all know how important live music is in a trendy bar. The vibe around here is very chill, and you should come here to relax when you are in Orlando.

The Woods Bar Orlando

This bar is one of the few bars in Orlando which goes heavy into the theme. The woods is a unique bar that takes full advantage of the aesthetic a good woody interior can provide. The walls have wooden linings to continue the theme and classic wooden furniture and shelves everywhere. This dark, woody theme is also continued on the wallpapers, which makes it a lot more fascinating. Then, the dimly lit interiors also help with the theme and add that vital rustic touch. However, the wooden theme is not what attracts customers the most; the cocktail menu here is also impressive. Patrons know this is the best place to get the most delicious drinks in Orlando. The menu is seasonal and hence changes so you would not get bored of the options served here. This truly is a classic drinking experience, as the patrons there will tell you.

ICEBAR Orlando

This is the most unique and different bar you will find in Orlando, as it is submerged in ice! – Well, 70 tons of it, to be precise. This is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill ice, but hand-carved ice will allow you to get that artic vibe that this bar is famous for. Moreover, as you walk down the icy halls, you will be provided with appropriate clothing for the cold, including jackets and gloves if you came unprepared for a chilly evening! ICEBAR is so unique that you will forget about the cocktails and focus on the whole experience, but don’t worry. This bar knows the importance of a good drink, and the cocktails made are fresh – from the best ingredients. They are served in guess what? Ice sculpted glasses to complete the whole vibe! If you are not a fan of cold, do not worry. There is a dedicated fire lounge on the premises where you can get toasty and enjoy your drink. This is one of those bars which you should visit!

BART Bar Orlando

Bart is another unique bar in Orlando, allowing patrons to relive their childhood while enjoying some of the best drinks this bar has to offer. Bart offers some of the best 70s, 80s, and 90’s arcade games to provide the patrons with the classic experience while treating them to the best craft beer. Moreover, some noteworthy games include different versions of Pac-man! This whole arcade is family operated and run, so you can be sure that the drinks are of quality and you will have a good experience here. Moreover, the staff here is very polite and understanding so you can enjoy yourself a lot while reliving your good old days!

Vines Grille Wine Bar Orlando

This bar is one of the most upscale bars on our list. Serving the best medium-rare steaks with good quality vines takes you on another level, which is the case with this bar. A host of different wines and the perfect wine menu makes this one of the best bars to visit in Orlando if you are a huge wine lover. This place is known for its chill but the exotic vibe. You will find different up-and-coming musicians from the city trying to make it big with their music. The whole vibe is pretty chill, and with the talent, they have on stage, this is one of the best bars in Orlando if you are into jazz bars.

Jazz Tastings Bar Orlando

This place is famous for its food, cocktails, and the jazz music they offer. Jazz Tastings hosts some of the best jazz musicians in the city. This place is a little out of the hustle-bustle of the central city and hence has an aura of its own, which is not overpowered by the honks and noises of the city. Moreover, the wine served here is excellent, and the menu is very diverse, so you can find the perfect one to pair with your dinner. The unique cocktails served here, and some exotic wines are the deal-breaker that one should look out for when visiting this place!

Vinia Wine Bar and Kitchen Orlando

Vinia bar is known for its exquisite and carefully crafted selection of European wines, which takes this place to a new level. Moreover, Vinia Bar also serves some of the best dinner specials in Orlando; hence, it is famous as the go-to dinner place for couples. The bar invites talented Jazz artists from all over the city once a week. Make sure to reserve your spot sooner, as it gets fully booked even before you know it! Which is a further testament to how good the vibes at this place are. The wines here are the show’s stars and ask your server for a recommendation for the best experience

Bosendorfer Lounge

This is one of those classical places which are the go-to places for jazz lovers in Chicago. On Fridays and Saturdays, this place hosts some of the most talented jazz artists in the city and has them perform while serving exotic martinis and cocktails for the guests, which are usually from the upper class, so make sure to dress well, and you might make essential connections here as well! The dim lights and the aesthetic interiors further give a sense of relaxation and allow the patrons to immerse themselves in the jazz tunes while sipping their favorite drinks.

The Matador Bar Orlando

The Matador is one of the best bars in Orlando if you want the best cocktails in the city. This bar has an excellent aesthetic, as the dimly lit, cozy space gives off a very chill vibe and allows you to relax while your order taker takes care of your cocktail. This bar attracts people of all types, so you can interact with a wide variety of people here. This place has an easygoing vibe, which instantly makes you comfortable as you walk inside the premises. The staff is amiable and welcoming; hence, you will feel comfortable ordering your favorite drinks. The huge variety of gins, tonic waters, and other liquors makes this bar one of the best in Orlando.

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