EDM Dance Clubs in Orlando

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Even if you are an average clubber, the ‘Electronic Dance Music’ must be your favorite. This eclectic music genre harbors many other beautiful genres under its umbrella. Orlando too takes pride in having the top-notch and world-class EDM Dance clubs to be found anywhere on earth. You need not look around to find the best club for you anymore, which can take the edge off your EDM cravings; We have found the top 5 EDM dance clubs for you already! The top of the line EDM clubs on our list is sure to make you fall for them. These venues are where the internationally-acclaimed musicians, DJs, artists, and dancers come to perform. Just prep up to get listen to the ultimate and most upbeat EDM music in Orlando!

1. Tier Nightclub

TIER Nightclub is famous for redefining the nightlife for not only Orlando but for all of Florida. The venue offers a wide party space comprising over the area of 10K sq. ft. TIER is famed for setting the stage for the endmost nightlife adventure and fun that Orlando has to offer.TIER offers a high energy environment, infusing entertainment, and the ultimate and ensuing VIP experience as well as the master-in-craft guest and resident DJ’s, musicians, and artists.

2. GILT Nightclub

If you are looking for a perfect night out then go straight to this one of a kind nightlife venue, the Gilt Nightclub! Believe it or not, this venue is an exceptional spot amidst its contemporaries as in providing guests with the ultimate fun experience they can ever think of! Not only the residents of Orlando but the guests from all over the world visit this spacious and lavish venue to make the most out of their nightlife!

3. Attic Orlando

Do you love to dance and party? If yes, you must be familiar with this one of the craziest night out venues in the town, the Attic Orlando. This is one of the favorite nightlife spots of residents as well as the guest partygoers from all over Florida. Attic Orlando has been throwing Orlando’s craziest party in an exceptionally intimate setting since 2010.

4. Independent Bar

Top 40 to Vintage rock, 80s new wave to indie, the Independent Bar Orlando hits that fine spot between a dive bar and a dance club, a place where partygoers are welcome to roll in ripped jeans and Chucks. Independent Bar is nothing less than a hipster central. With two separate dance floors and multiple musical genres, you are destined to dance all night away. Seriously, friend, no one is watching, relax! This 18+ club has become one of the most favorite night out venues of the youth. People have a lot of stories to tell after spending a night here.


One of the best venues that cater to the popular nightlife in Orlando is Vyce Lounge. Offering the most paramount drinking, dining, and entertainment under one roof – Vyce Lounge has become one of the most attractive destinations for the people who know how to make the most out of their life. If you believe that we only live once, Vyce Lounge is your thing!

In Conclusion

Follow our list and find the most potential nightclubs for you where you can go shed your worries and weariness off! Put some spark into your life and make the merriest moments on some of the most heavenly and dreamlike live-EDM Dance venues in Orlando. Believe it or not, you could never face one single dull moment out there! Hooray! The ultimate fun of your life is coming along your way! All you need is to rush to these places at your earliest! Wishing you Good Luck!