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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Orlando

1. Scorpion Nightclub Orlando

Scorpion Nightclub Orlando 

2. Haven Orlando

Haven Orlando

3. Pulse Orlando

Pulse Orlando

4. Chillers Orlando

Chillers Orlando is one of a kind venue in downtown Orlando as it is the one and only, frozen daiquiri party pub of its kind that makes the Chillers an ideal place to calm down and chill out on hot Orlando nights. The venue is packed with energy, thrill, and excitement as the parties go on into the wee hours of the morning. The locals and visitors mingle and dance all night away. All you need to have a booty to shake on insane music beats. Expect anything but ordinary at the Chillers!

5. Club Vision Orlando

Club Vision Orlando is the venue saw the light in the year 2018. Although, it is a new place but seems to be achieving milestones one after another in such a short period of time. The Club Vision was inaugurated with a great party for what it got the instant approval from the audience. The place has become very popular among the youth.

6. Rum Jungle Orlando

Rum Jungle Orlando is large with plenty of dancing room as well as a raised platform for performers and DJs. The Ladies Room has lots of restroom stalls. The decor is wonderful and there are hanging lamps and paintings all around. As Rum Jungle is a live music venue, so a decent crowd gets attracted to it every night. All you need to have is an ass to dance all night away!

7. Kush Ultralounge And Hookah Bar Orlando

Kush Ultralounge And Hookah Bar Orlando is One of the best hookah bars which are taking Orlando by storm is Khush Ultra lounge and Hookah Bar. Many craft beer and hookah flavors are offered in comfortable and homely surroundings with the latest and up to the minute, all-white decor. The beautiful white furniture with white curtains and fabric-lined ceiling gives this venue a very restful and snuggly vibe. The venue is as comfortable as your mom’s house.

8. Vyce Lounge Orlando 

Vyce Lounge Orlando is One of the best venues that cater to the popular nightlife in Orlando is Vyce Lounge. Offering the most paramount drinking, dining, and entertainment under one roof – Vyce Lounge has become one of the most attractive destinations for the people who know how to make the most out of their life. If you believe that we only live once, Vyce Lounge is your thing!

9. Bar B Orlando

Bar B Orlando

10. Room 22 Orlando

Room 22 Orlando is known to be a premier show bar in Orlando. As the venue is for adults so, you get to see the eye candy here.The venue keeps alive and kicking all nights of the week. This beautiful venue seems to be bathed in blue and golden lighting. The state-of-the-art sound systems are enough to drive you crazy on the furious beats.

11. Southern Nights Orlando

Southern Nights Orlando Nightclub is wider and more spacious than it looks from outside. Apart from an expanded indoor area, the SN club offers a generous outdoor sitting. Not only the modern hits are favorite here but old classics are played as well. The ambiance and atmosphere of the club are chic, vibrant, and stylish. You do not want to leave this place once the mood of the night is set.

12. Independent Bar Orlando

Independent Bar Orlando hits that fine spot between a dive bar and a dance club, a place where partygoers are welcome to roll in ripped jeans and Chucks. Independent Bar is nothing less than a hipster central. With two separate dance floors and multiple musical genres, you are destined to dance all night away. Seriously, friend, no one is watching, relax! This 18+ club has become one of the most favorite night out venues of the youth. People have a lot of stories to tell after spending a night here.

13. Attic Orlando

Attic Orlando is one of the favorite nightlife spots of residents as well as the guest partygoers from all over Florida. Attic Orlando has been throwing Orlando’s craziest party in an exceptionally intimate setting since 2010. Attic Orlando has a lot more to offer than an average dance club. As you step upstairs, you get overwhelmed by the sheeny wooden floors, raw brick walls, and more lights than one thinks could fit in the room. The ambiance is chic, vibrant, and electrifying.

14. Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando

Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando is one of a kind, live music destination has everything for which the most paramount nightlife venues are famous for! Every night brings something unique and different at Mango’s. All you need to have is a pair of nice buttocks to dance all night away and a knack for hottest Latin music, R&B, Trap, Hip-Hop, and more.

15. Gilt Nightclub Orlando

Gilt Nightclub Orlando is also loved for providing the best bottle menu in the town. Be it Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Champagne, Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Cognac and so on – everything is on the menu with a lot of different varieties. For the bartenders, Gilt is nothing less than BEST. As the venue keeps busy all the time; yet the hard-working, pleasing, and generous bartenders leave nobody ignored or unattended. The VIP bottle service is also available.

16. Tier Nightclub Orlando

Tier Nightclub Orlando is famous for redefining the nightlife for not only Orlando but for all of Florida. The venue offers a wide party space comprising over the area of 10K sq. ft. TIER is famed for setting the stage for the endmost nightlife adventure and fun that Orlando has to offer.TIER offers a high energy environment, infusing entertainment, and the ultimate and ensuing VIP experience as well as the master-in-craft guest and resident DJ’s, musicians, and artists.

17. Wall Street Plaza Orlando

should be on your bucket list. The venue is a complex of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants all located in one block. Wall Street Plaza was established in the year 1995 and opened just a single bar. However, as time passed, it has extended to 7 different venues. The grand outdoor Block Parties are packed on weekends. Aside from that, the Wall Street Plaza is the host of some of the best and biggest Special Events and parties in Downtown Orlando.