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Inaugurated in 1992, the Chillers is widely known and celebrated for the fun music, great drinks, and beautiful staff. The people who are young at heart hold this venue very dear. They come here any night of the week to watch what the storm is all about. Simply say, “Church Street” to anybody who has ever been to Orlando, and they will probably say, “Chillers”. Believe it or not, the Chillers, is taken as an indicative of good times in Orlando. It is the place where not only the locals but visitors from all over the world have visited to make unforgettable memories since its birth.

The Chillers is one of a kind venue in downtown Orlando as it is the one and only, frozen daiquiri party pub of its kind that makes the Chillers an ideal place to calm down and chill out on hot Orlando nights. The venue is packed with energy, thrill, and excitement as the parties go on into the wee hours of the morning. The locals and visitors mingle and dance all night away. All you need to have a booty to shake on insane music beats. Expect anything but ordinary at the Chillers!

The management and staff are polite, cooperative, hard-working, and easygoing. The bartenders are on point! The most delicious drinks are offered at very low prices. The mouth-watering mixes by bartenders will drive you crazy. They will quench your thirst as well as leave you craving for more!

Apart from home events and parties, you can also rent out their space for your birthday and bachelorette parties. The MC and DJs keep the audience alive and entertained with contests and games throughout the night. The fun of your life is seeing your way at the Chillers! So, what are you waiting for! Go and get your share of fun at the earliest! Cheerio!

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