Best 10 Cocktail Bars in New York

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Mace bar is renowned for its inventive diverse menu, great professional and attentive staff exhibiting awesome service and providing a great experience! Bemelmans Bar is a very old high-end bar at the Carlyle NYC and one of the top Thrillist bars to visit. Attaboy Bar is the everyman’s cocktail bar hidden in plain sight on an obscure bit of Eldridge Street in New York. The Long Island Bar is a dine-in spot and is the place to be that has been in operation for over 50 years. Sunny’s Bar is a nice little bar on the old waterfront and a great hangout joint.

10. The Up & Up

The Up & Up is a craft cocktail bar in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.  Follow the illuminated arrow pointing down the stairs leading from MacDougal Street into a historic space, once home to the Gaslight Cafe, the birthplace of the Beat Generation and venue for some of the most storied musical acts. Here, nestled among the William Morris wallpaper, marble, brass, and wood,  you will find a new kind of neighborhood cocktail bar.  One where hospitality and skill work in concert.  Guided by the mantra, high-end, low-key, the Up & Up is the perfect marriage of an intimate cocktail den and a social, comfortable, neighborhood bar.

9. Death & Company Bar in New York

Welcome to the new golden age. Welcome to Death & Co. It was thought that to drink alcohol was to live a life shadowed by death; that those who drank were keeping company with death. It’s taken them nearly a century to restore flavor to the drink and class to the specialty cocktail. In our time, a night to celebrate life’s simple pleasures with fine wine, exquisitely crafted cocktails, beautifully prepared food, and impeccable sipping spirits is a rare gift. To those who shun the night, Death & Company Bar tips their hat. To those who shine after dusk, they offer a warm embrace.

8. Apotheke Bar New York

If you’re looking for something different, the Apotheke bar in New York is the place to be! Cool tasty drinks. Join Apotheke’s Mixology Team at Apotheke Academy and learn Apotheke’s unique approach to mixology, cocktail fundamentals, and proper use of mixology tools. Perfect for dates, team building, or for the aspiring home mixologist.

7. The Raines Law Room at The William

If you are a sophisticated drinker, this is the place for you. One of their creations would be enough for the whole night. The Raines Law Room is an amazing cocktail bar in New York that offers a selection of seasonal additions, time-honored cocktails as well as sipping spirits, and a small assortment of beer & wine. Small plates are available for those who crave a bite. The Rains Law Room at The Williams accepts reservations from Monday through Saturday. Walk-in guests are The Raines Law Room exhibits delicious drinks, an awesome stylish interior, a romantic cozy, hip, and fun-filled atmosphere, friendly bartenders, creative cocktails, and high-Quality Libations.  very friendly staff, sexy, sophisticated ambiance, chic décor, perfectly crafted custom drinks, cool speakeasy venue, top-notch service, cocktail classes, and an intimate setting for cocktails!

6. The Shepherd & the Knucklehead of Hoboken

The Shepherd and The Knucklehead are rated the number one craft beer bar in NJ which is located in Hoboken, New Jersey, New York. At The Shepherd and The Knucklehead, they will take care of every detail when it comes to hosting your event or party. One of the largest spaces in town and they can accommodate large groups for a special day! They’re committed to providing excellent beer is ancient! Not only do they serve 90 taps in Haledon and 60 Hoboken, but also have state-of-the-art equipment which keeps every microbrew fresh and cold until the moment it hits your glass. As the name suggests, The Shepherd and The Knucklehead offer the perfect experience for a variety of people! They’ve family-friendly day scenes that include a vast selection of delicious apps and entrees and are stroller-friendly with plenty of seating options.

5. Bemelmans Bar

Bemelmans Bar is a very old high-end bar at the Carlyle NYC and one of the top Thrillist bars to visit. Bemelmans is renowned for awesome and tasty cocktails and entertainment and it’s historically referred to as Carlyle city’s premier luxury residential hotel which was a famous gathering place for socialites, world leaders, and celebrities where Ludwig Bemelmans began to create his masterpiece murals at the hotel bar. While here, take time to wander around the walls and have a look at the beautifully decorated walls.

4. Sunny’s Bar New York

Nice little bar on the old waterfront! Sunny’s Bar is a stunning hangout joint. Sunny’s Bar has an awesome menu consisting of mixed drinks from Margarita, Dark & stormy,  Moscow mule, Old fashioned, Negroni, Aperol spritz, and Manhattan. Wines include: Malbec, Rose, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco and Merlot. Draft Beer includes Flagship, Reissdorf Kölsch, Sloop Pilsner,  Bell’s Two Hearted IPA, Allagash White, and Threes Logical Conclusion IPA.

3. The Long Island Bar

Are you in New York?  The Long Island Bar a dine-in spot is the place to be! The Long Island Bar & Restaurant has been in operation for over 50 years. The Long Island Bar is so good, that you’d almost expect the staff to be jerks, but they have been consistently pleasant and professional for years – and you don’t have to be a regular to get that kind of service. The Long Island Bar is located along the Atlantic in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn just a few steps from Brooklyn Bridge Park, it sits on a corner with very noticeable neon signs. The menu sports a shortlist of slightly twisted classics—a martini made with junmai daiginjo sake, a gimlet with ginger-lime cordial, and a frozen Cosmopolitan. Pick one off the menu or list a mix of flavors you like; you’ll end up happy either way.

2. Attaboy

Be at Attaboy is the everyman’s cocktail bar hidden in plain sight on an obscure bit of Eldridge Street in New York. It’s a narrow bar with comfy stools and four banquette-style tables at the rear. Attaboy Bar features an indoor and full service heated outdoor patio open from 6 pm–4 am, 7 days a week. Here it’s first come, first served (no reservations) and it  New York City’s famed Attaboy is one of the bars credited with the entire modern craft-cocktail movement—its cocktails are accorded near mythological status by connoisseurs. The minimalist speakeasy-style East Nashville iteration of this tipple lab concocts flat-rate, off-the-cuff creations (no menu—drinks are personalized) chilled with block ice. Attaboy Bar features a stylish interior, great value, friendly bartenders, cool and great cocktails, a hip atmosphere, stunning lighting, and sound system, spacious indoor and comfortable outside patio, skilled service from professional, friendly, and attentive staff, speakeasy environment to aid conversations,  great ambiance, delicious snacks, intimate vibes, with customized excellent drinks. All the juices served here are fresh and the ice was chipped off a square block of ice.

1. Mace Bar

Hands down New York’s favorite and classy cocktail bar! Mace Bar is renowned for its inventive diverse menu, great professional and attentive staff exhibiting awesome service and providing a great experience! Mace bar was initiated in the year 2015 and its location is very convenient to access. To date, the bar is renowned as a premier bar that’s among the World’s best cocktail bars and unlike any other cocktail bar in New. Mace bar has transformed cocktails as we know them and it’s dedicated to incorporating unique spices handpicked from around the world in each. The bartenders are classy mixologists. The drinks are professionally crafted each with a specific herb or seasoning for example Mace, and Black Pepper. A great place where you can hang out and taste some unique spirits. They have 3 floors with entertainment and a restaurant/bar on each floor. 

In Conclusion

Apotheke Bar is a unique spot that features friendly bartenders, chic décor, nice live band music, and unique drinks. Death & Company Bar quickly became a cocktail institution, owed greatly to its staff of creative bartenders and incredible servers. It is an intimate seated-only bar, paired this time with a more casual standing-room-only bar. The Dead Rabbit NYC combines all that’s best about the great Irish tradition with the finest creative cocktails, large wine list, late-night menu, free WI-FI, live music, great food, pub games indoor dining, and a variety of reasonably priced drinks.  The Up & Up is a craft cocktail bar in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village in a lovely setting in the cellar off of Macdougal St. Great escape from the mayhem above. 

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