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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Cape Town

1. Cocoon Cape Town

The 31st floor of Cape Town’s luxurious Absa Building is home to this beautiful nightclub. Cocoon is all about luxury – here drinking delicious cocktails while enjoying the beautiful views of the city is just the way they roll. Aside from the spectacular views, the interior of Cocoon Cape Town is a melting pot of candles with candles, glass jars, luxurious lounge chairs and a complete modern art finish throughout. Expect a selection of genres such as hip-hop, house and electronic dance music in a complex setting.

2. Bob’s Bar District Six

His sister’s place at Bob’s Bar on Long Street, Bob’s Bar District Six has been famous since its inception. From hosting local celebrity DJ Kent, to hosting 2017 Idols SA champion Paxton Fielies, this District Six hangout has a regular event exchange that brings local people back.

3. Asoka

The exterior of the living room hides this nearby courtyard lit by candles around an olive tree illuminated by legend. Asoka is a great resting place where you can have a pre-drink or dinner (or drink all night and fill your stomach with Asian tapas). Expect a schmoozy place that attracts the older crowd, where the music played by well-respected house DJs is usually a low-end model with an electronic nightly sleeper. If you want to check the music before logging in, listen to their audio profile.

4. Shimmy Beach Club

Stellar eatery during the day and a beautiful nightclub, Shimmy Beach Club is one of the most popular entertainment venues in Cape Town. On a summer night, it’s hard to resist the spirit of the Shimmy Beach Club party as DJs roam their beats while jol parties in the sand. Well, it’s not a beach club for nothing. Shimmy brings the beach area to the dance floor! With two bars, an unlimited pool, and private VIP residences, there is a little magic available everywhere. Have a beach break, a relaxing lap, or a party until sunrise.

5. Jade Lounge Bar and Champagne

One of Cape Town’s closest nightclubs, the state-of-the-art Jade Lounge & Champagne Bar creates the splendor of what it offers in size. You won’t see any hoodies or tops here; people dressed in nines and wandered around a memorable night in the city. Thursday is the most popular night here, where people attending parties can focus on R&B, and on Fridays and Saturdays they borrow from the deep house. Sunday at Jade allows people to prepare for next week and play R&B jam quickly overnight. There is no entry fee, but be aware that no one under 23 is allowed.

6. Fiction

Fiction is one of Cape Town’s longest running nightclubs, and with its recent reopening, it’s now a bigger and better venue. The already crowded dance floor has been expanded to allow more than 200 music lovers to dance to their favorite songs and is open five days a week. Each day offers a variety of weekly offerings such as ‘Strictly 2000s’ (old school songs from the early 2000s), ‘It Came From The Jungle’ (drum and bass and hip-hop) and more. For cool air, follow the artificial grass up the stairs to the lunch bar where the culture of play is alive and well. Enjoy a variety of video games and themed drinks here.

7. Julep’s bar

The small, intimate setting of Julep Bar makes it a great place to find your jam. This speakeasy attack makes those who enter its mysterious doors feel like they have entered a cooler housing event in Cape Town or a VIP lounge. Located on the outskirts of Long Street, this hidden gem of Mother City is known for its delicious, colorful food and eclectic dance music selection – a combination that often leads to brass corpses running down low tables. Any night, lovers of fun events can go to the funk played by Mother City artists, the deep house woven by local DJs and old school hip-hop sets played on vinyl records. Julep Bar is open from Wednesday to Sunday and is a great place to use as a base for a great night out in Cape Town.

8. Decodance Nightclub

Decodance has been the center of Cape Town for several years. At this Sea Point club, put on your ‘other’ outfit, and head down to the underground space focused on the hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s. The state-of-the-art club has two multi-colored dance venues (smoking and non-smoking), three bars, ample seats and LCD screens that are part of the much-loved Decodance experience. The club also has special events not to be missed (you can also view these on their Facebook page). Women get free admission on Friday and Saturday nights before 10 p.m.

9. Berta’s 

Berta’s is a new LGBTQI worthwhile property in Woodstock owned by Roberto de Faria, who runs the popular Zer021 Social Club. There are free drag shows for free from 7:30 pm on two mid-Sunday Sundays. They change things up, so follow them on Facebook to keep up with other live events and special events like half the price of a hookah on Wednesdays and happy hours every day. Nas, burgers, chicken wings, chicken coops and chilli savers are cheap. The cool vibe of deep house in radio hits with Afro house in the background.

10. The Social Bar

The Social Bar is a new upstairs apartment for men’s baths only and the Hot House adult store in De Waterkant Village. Women are welcome at the Social Bar, an open-air venue with bar stools surrounding tables and sofas next to the bar. There is a small dance floor and the DJ plays dance music, from disco to EDM. It’s a great place for a sunset before you hit the clubs; they have special hours of fun (currently Tuesday – Sat from 5pm to 8pm and cheap drinks all night on Sunday).

11. Beefcakes

Really. Manila Von Teez of SA’s Got Talent 2016 finalists performed regular shows at Beefcakes drag and drop. It’s a nightclub made in style to revive the 50s South Beach Miami styles. Beefcakes are designed for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, girls-night, divorce parties – anything you can dream of. Evening for a fun evening of pulling games, dinner and body sculpting removed the cut abs. Everyone is gifted there: They have some really hot stuff, the artists put on a great show. Top cocktails at the top: Birdcage is a cosmo or detailed margarita that comes with sparklers.

12. Mødular

One of the biggest techno clubs in Cape town, Mødular has everything you need. It’s inspired by the techno heavy-weight nightclubs in Berlin, as no pictures are allowed at the dance floor. There’s a varied and eclectic lineup of techno artists. People come right here to disappear into the music and to not be seen. It is loud, dirty, and beautiful. You will meet extraordinary individuals right here and everybody gets along really well. If you want to dance away the night for hours, you’ll have a remarkable time.

13. Club 89

If you are ever looking to discover the finest residence and techno club in cape town, contemplate no more. Friendly staff, clean set up, extremely good venue, & tunes to keep you pumped all night at Club 89. The main dance floor is giant as seen from the entrance of the front door. Every time you go there, it is simply a vibe. Always.

14. Pink Panther Night Club

It is clear that the owners of the Pink Panther Night Club take care of their customers and want the club to be different from others. The DJs are on fire, the doorkeepers and the bartenders are attractive and the waiters are paying attention. The management of the Pink Panther Night Club is friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming – for everyone – and the venue is clean. This is a flexible and unpretentious space, where the DJ spins dance music, and will pay less than expected for drinks (there is a VIP section, too).

15. Cathy Specific

At this cabaret place you are greeted at the door by a platinum blonde bombshell called Cathy Specific – an experience you will never forget. Gate Bree Street, is a magnificent, luxurious, consecrated and magnificent place. They offer world-class entertainment, excellent service and meze cuisine. The bottom bar is perfect for a pre-show drink or a breath of fresh air after a night show.

16. Zer021 Social Club

Roberto de Faria, better known as Mama B, founded Zer021 Social Club to be more than just a place to have fun – it is the home of those who strive to fully express themselves in their daily lives. Zer021, which started out as an integrated space for black and colored people, is a highly integrated LGBTI space for everyone looking for a fun night out. See what is being done by drag artists such as Manila Von Teez, Kat Gilardi, Vida Fantabisher and others, as well as guest DJs.