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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Perth

1. Air Nightclub Perth

Step into the Air Nightclub once, and it will take your breath away. This two-story building is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, fabulous dance floor, excellent purple lighting and stylish décor. You will be jamming to the EDM, RNB and Hip Hop, etc., in no time. Let’s be honest: not everyone is comfortable hanging around strangers, so instead of mingling with the public, why not opt for a private space. We can handle around 223 guests and also provide private rooms. So, you can sit back, relax and enjoy comfortably. Air is also an excellent option for corporate events, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties and other functions. To top it off, our highly skilled/friendly team follows your requirements to a tee. There is no need to worry; we will handle everything and ensure that your event ends on a perfect note.

2. The Court Perth

The Court welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. Our purpose is to create a comfortable and safe place where people can mingle freely. As such, we request that once you enter, please be courteous/respectful towards others. Another unique thing about our club is that we allow the entry of kid’s till 8 pm; however, they must be accompanied by an adult. So, for those of you looking to have fun with their family, The Court is a good option.

3. The Ellington Perth

The Ellington is Australia’s finest jazz club. Highly talented musicians, both local and interstate, showcase their talents at our place. An example can be taken of Juliana Areias, The Basilios, Adrian Galante, Jessie Gordon, and KAMINO, etc. To top it off, we are internationally recognized as an excellent place to visit and to enjoy music. Our elegant design, speakeasy setting and warm hospitality creates a comfortable environment. We host over 600 shows/per year, during which you can hear Blues, Rock, Jazz, French Music, Soul and various other music genres. The details are available on our website; you can easily book tickets for your favorite event. No need to go through the hassle of on-spot booking; simply click the book now button, fill in your details, and that’s it. If you cannot make a reservation, then we have few stools available around the bar; however, they are on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. Mojos Perth 

The Mojos has been home to various top-class performers starting with John Butler in the 2000s, after which Tame Impala, POND, CW Stoneking, Abbe May and The Stems, etc., also held shows here. We are dedicated to supporting original live music and have created a comforting/safe space where everyone can easily interact with each other regardless of their ethnic/gender identities.  Our club has a very unique style. The combination of street art, live music stage, sign hanging on the front and blackboards strung outside will give you the feeling of being transported to the ’90s. Every Wednesday, Mojo organizes the Sweetman Sounds, during which you can rock out to the songs of various bands. On each month’s first Friday, we host the Fisherman Stylee event. It is a tribute to the reggae genre. If you love this type of music, then attending this event is a must. Along with this, we will also be hosting The Witchy Djypsies | ‘Apathy’ Single Launch, Blue Shaddy, Definitely Oasis, Mad Caddies and various other events. Keep keeping yourself updated via our event calendar so, that you can quickly buy tickets for your favorite shows. We also organize comedy acts and open mic nights.

5. Jack Rabbit Slim’s Perth

Jack Rabbit Slims has a retro/stylish design and is extremely popular among party lovers. Live music is our specialty; you can jam to Hip Hop, Rock, Indie, and Electronic, etc. Please show us your killer moves and let the world know what you are capable of.  If you get tired, then head to the arcade area inside the nightclub. It will transport you back to your childhood days and is a great way to release stress. Play to your heart’s content, and if you get hungry, then visit our  diner area. Jack Rabbit serves delicious hot dogs and fries. One bite, and you won’t be able to stop eating. Do give their alcoholic shakes a try; they come in multiple flavors such as Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Spearmint, Cherry and Jack Rabbit Surprise. Each one has a unique taste, and you will end up falling in love with them.

6. Mint Nightclub Perth

The Mint Nightclub is an excellent place to party hard. The combination of sparkly mirror balls and retro setup will transport you to the 80’s -2000 era.  Every Saturday, we organize the Poplife Saturday event, during which our DJs will have you dancing to the tunes of ’40s, R&B and retro, etc. On Fridays, we host the Retro Rewind event, during which you can immerse yourself in the popular songs of the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Each soundtrack is a reminder of the spectacular era that has come to an end.

7. Connections Night Club Perth

The Connections has a long and incredible history; it was originally a cabaret club that was later transformed into a gay nightclub. In an era where homosexuality was illegal, Connections created a safe space for special people. Forty-six years later and our club has become one of the best places for the LGBTQIA community. We became famous for our disco and house soundtracks. Various famous musicians such  Boy George, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Mel Gibson, Sasha and Frankie Knuckles, etc., have performed here.

8. Villa Perth 

Villa is the most versatile club in Perth. Whether you require space for formal functions, presentations, corporate events or birthday functions, we can handle anything. No matter how hard the request, we will do our utmost best to satisfy you. The club is divided into two levels. Three bars, a huge stage and a DJ console are installed here. Our state-of-the-art sound system will ensure that you can hear music in every corner of the club and provide you with an incredible experience. We make use of the best DJs in Perth; they will heat up the atmosphere quickly and will have you grooving in no time. The club’s chic and cavernous design is very pleasing to the eye. VIP rooms are also available where you can chill and have fun. Our club can handle around 700 guests.

9. Ambar Perth 

Ambar has a firm foothold in the electronic music scene. Despite our small size from 2003-2013, we continuously received the best nightclub award. Ambar is home to various famous DJs such as ShockOne, Kid Kenobi, and DJ Micah, etc. They have excellent skills, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing. Here you can listen to breakbeat, bass and underground music, etc. Our speakers are of excellent quality and will have you bouncing around in no time. Every year we hold the Breakbeat event, during which we invite various DJs and musicians to perform. An example can be taken of Zeke Beats Hwls, Ekko & Side Track, Avance, Reija Lee, Twerl and Zombie Cats, etc. Come join us at the Ambar’s longest-running dance music event. We will have a blast. Tickets will be available on the Facebook page so, keep yourself updated and don’t miss the chance to attend a grand celebration which takes place only once a year.

10. Paramount NightClub Perth

The Paramount Nightclub is an excellent place to hang out. Disco balls hang from the ceiling, and once the light dims, they become active; multi-colored lights start coming out, which creates a fascinating scene. On the 21st of March, the club will host What If? Friday event. During which you can dance to Party, R&B and Dance hits. We have invited Perth’s best DJs who will entertain you the whole night. You can also participate in Beat the Bartender and Finders Keepers. Make use of our free guest list, and you can instantly jump the line. No need to wait. Inbox us, and we will immediately place you on our guest list. We will also serve drinks such as Shots, Corona, Single Fin and Carlton Dry, etc. Paramount Nightclub will host a party on both floors. You can switch rooms and listen to different DJs. The Beer garden will be open as well. We will also be offering free Birthday packages, so if you or your friend are looking for a place to party, then come to us. We will make perfect arrangements for you. From time to time, Paramount Nightclub also host’s other events. Please keep yourself updated via our event schedule. Don’t miss out.

11. Penthouse Club Perth 

The Penthouse Club is Perth’s most famous strip club, which offers top-class service and is simply a heaven on earth. Two bars, three awesome floors, state-of-art-lighting and sound system are available here. Whether you are hosting a birthday, bachelorette party, or simply hanging out with your friends, Penthouse club will ensure that you have a good time and leave satisfied. We offer local, international and interstate dancers/strippers. All of them are absolute stunners and will take your breath away.

12. Hip-E Club Perth

Hip-E is a retro-style nightclub that is extremely popular. It has a unique design. Colourful neon kaleidoscopes, beautiful murals and enchanting hieroglyphics are found hanging on the wall. However, the most interesting thing is the old Volkswagen which is installed in the dancefloor area. It is used as a DJ booth and is the home of DJ e-Funk, who can be seen playing various hit soundtracks. A versatile outdoor space is also available here. It comes with a bar, umbrellas and a wall heater which is perfect for the cold weather.

13. Magnet House Perth

Looking for a place to chill that will help you forget your worries? Then Magnet house is the best option. We have two rooms available, i.e. The Main and the Retro room. Both of them have unique themes and play different kinds of music. Pick according to your taste or go rock out in both of them; the choice is yours. Our Kinetic Lighting feature will leave you in awe. The modern look combined with 3D revolving MH and automatically moving black/white ceiling create a breathtaking scene. Tired of dancing? Then go rest in one of our VIP booths. It comes with highly comfortable seats, beautiful decorations, mixers, ice and an amazing host who will keep you company for 3 hours.

14. Rapture Nightclub Perth

Rapture is Northbridge’s most popular club. Excellent DJs combined with our fantastic dance and classic soundtrack will have you moving your feet in no time. No one can resist our music. We don’t charge an entry fee, so step right in and join the party.  The combination of the beautiful laser light show and excellent sound system will keep you glued to the dance floor. Head towards our Billiards area and enjoy a relaxing game of snooker. Over the years, we have organized various events with unique themes such as Nye Party, Extasis Latin Party, Xmas Eve at Rapture Nightclub and Rapture Fridays, etc. All of them have been super successful, and our guests loved them. Rapture will be organizing new events soon; if you want to attend, then we recommend keeping yourself posted via our Facebook page. Looking forward to seeing you there.

15. Club Humble Perth 

Club Humble is another must-visit place in Northbridge. We have three rooms available here which play different soundtracks, i.e., Party, Bass and Hood. So, instead of sticking to one particular genre, why not rock out to different ones. LED screens combined with multi-coloured lights, a good sound system and skilled DJs keep the crowd hopping. There are six bars available, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to get a drink or having to spend a long time waiting in line. Our bartenders will provide you excellent service. Club Humble’s drink specials includes but is not limited to Jager Bombs, Pink Gin and Vodka mixers, etc. We change our specials on a weekly basis; if you don’t want to miss out on your favourite drinks, then keep yourself updated via our Facebook page.

16. Barbes Perth 

Barbes opened its doors on July 17, 2020; since then, it has become a hotspot for live music lovers. Step into our spacious venue and brace yourself for an amazing night. We have two bars available here that serve fantastic drinks. Bluish lighting combined with an excellent sound system heats up the atmosphere and won’t allow you to leave the dancefloor.

17. MVMNT Perth

MVMNT is Perth’s top-class house and techno venue. Our sole mission was to create a space where people could dance freely, and we have succeeded in our endeavour. The thing that makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd is our open-air dance floor. The feeling of partying under the dark sky is completely different from the enclosed space. The artificial plant decorations combined with the fog machine gives the illusion that you are dancing in the wilderness. As the sky darkens, we will turn on the lights; you don’t have to worry about not being able to see and knocking into each other. Our DJs are quite skilled and will liven up the atmosphere. They will keep you on your toes. MVMNT also has a bar available which serves yummy food and drinks at economical rates. Take a rest in our seating area, and once you have got your energy back, it’s time to return to the battlefield. Since there are trees around the site, you can also use them as backgrounds for your pictures. MVMNT has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. We have done our utmost best to create a safe and comfortable environment.

18. Nevermind Smallclub Perth 

Nevermind Smallclub is a cozy and beautiful place. We offer a fantastic atmosphere, great vibes and superb music. The outdoor area is decorated with various house plants and is very pleasant to look at. Take a seat on one of our couches and breathe in the fresh air; it will refresh your mind. We mainly play house and techno music. An open-air dance floor and separate smoking are also available here.

19. The Republic Perth

Republic club aims to provide the ultimate nightlife experience. Our chill atmosphere combined with good vibes will elevate your mood. Head to the dancefloor and show us what you got. We serve tasty drinks at an economical rate. Just place your order and let our bartenders work their magic. You won’t be able to stop yourself from ordering another one.

20. Amplifier Perth 

The Amplifier is an urban style club and is famous for its live music performances. We also provide a warm/hospitable environment. Our terrific stage combined with beautiful lighting and outstanding sound system is perfect for hyping up the crowd.

21. The Jazz Cellar Perth

 The Jazz Cellar is one of Perth’s hidden gems. We have been operating for over 20 years now and have done our best to create a relaxing/jazzy space. Step inside our telephone box, and you will be transported to our humble underground establishment. The Jazz Cellar’s vintage furnishing combined with multiple ornaments and advertising signs creates an authentic 1920-1930s environment. It’s time to leave all your worries behind and spend some quality time with your friends. Immerse yourself in our traditional jazz, and your toes will automatically start tapping. We charge $30 for entry. Since our place has very limited space available, please book your tickets in advance.