VIP Clubs in Perth

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Are you on the lookout for the most poppin’ Hip Hop clubs in Perth?

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip hop clubs in Perth. (More in-depth further below)

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You may think you cannot find VIP nightclubs in remote cities such as Perth, but we have managed to come up with a list of fancy clubs in your vicinity that will help you choose just the right place for your memorable night. If you are looking for a place to celebrate and dance in an elegant, relaxing atmosphere with funky vibes, you have come to the right place. Following are Australia’s top-rated nightclubs in the town. 

1. Air Nightclub Perth

Step into the Air Nightclub once, and it will take your breath away. This two-story building is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, fabulous dance floor, excellent purple lighting and stylish décor. You will be jamming to the EDM, RNB and Hip Hop, etc., in no time. Let’s be honest: not everyone is comfortable hanging around strangers, so instead of mingling with the public, why not opt for a private space. We can handle around 223 guests and also provide private rooms. So, you can sit back, relax and enjoy comfortably. Air is also an excellent option for corporate events, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties and other functions. To top it off, our highly skilled/friendly team follows your requirements to a tee. There is no need to worry; we will handle everything and ensure that your event ends on a perfect note.

2. Magnet House Perth

Looking for a place to chill that will help you forget your worries? Then Magnet house is the best option. We have two rooms available, i.e. The Main and the Retro room. Both of them have unique themes and play different kinds of music. Pick according to your taste or go rock out in both of them; the choice is yours. Our Kinetic Lighting feature will leave you in awe. The modern look combined with 3D revolving MH and automatically moving black/white ceiling create a breathtaking scene. Tired of dancing? Then go rest in one of our VIP booths. It comes with highly comfortable seats, beautiful decorations, mixers, ice and an amazing host who will keep you company for 3 hours.

3. Paramount NightClub Perth

The Paramount Nightclub is an excellent place to hang out. Disco balls hang from the ceiling, and once the light dims, they become active; multi-colored lights start coming out, which creates a fascinating scene. On the 21st of March, the club will host What If? Friday event. During which you can dance to Party, R&B and Dance hits. We have invited Perth’s best DJs who will entertain you the whole night. You can also participate in Beat the Bartender and Finders Keepers. Make use of our free guest list, and you can instantly jump the line. No need to wait. Inbox us, and we will immediately place you on our guest list. We will also serve drinks such as Shots, Corona, Single Fin and Carlton Dry, etc. Paramount Nightclub will host a party on both floors. You can switch rooms and listen to different DJs. The Beer garden will be open as well. We will also be offering free Birthday packages, so if you or your friend are looking for a place to party, then come to us. We will make perfect arrangements for you. From time to time, Paramount Nightclub also host’s other events. Please keep yourself updated via our event schedule. Don’t miss out.

In Conclusion

Book a VIP night or dance with a funky crowd but don’t sit at home doing nothing! If you are in Perth and you are still waiting for some magical venue to pop up on maps, then my friend, you will sit at home forever. Air Nightclub, Magnet House, and Paramount NightClub are, as mentioned above, the best VIP Nightclubs in Perth. Hope we have covered all the features you need to know. Cheers!