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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Portland

1. Sanctuary Club Portland

 Sanctuary Club Portland

Sanctuary has flourished over time and is a safe, substantially interactive club that is open to a cheerful crowd of people who are available to different lifestyles and opinions. If you are an open-minded, non-conforming individual of the society who is looking to indulge in a night full of crazy experiences, then The Sanctuary Club is your sanctuary.

2. Holocene Portland

Holocene Portland

Holocene is one of the city’s premium and deluxe nightlife spots, which will surely take your breath away. It has a magnificent building with hand-built modern furnishing to add a contemporary touch to it. Not only is the building a masterpiece to behold, but The Holocene also takes great pride in its state of the art sound systems (which you can find full details about on their website).

3. 45 East Portland

45 East Portland

If you are in town for a night of partying that will leave you wanting more, then 45 East is the place to be. This club offers the best of rugged and industrial vibes with its exposed brick walls and rustic metal pipes paying the perfect homage to the age-old history of this building. It’s raw, it’s rustic, it’s fearless. While the building may reflect the strategic wear and tear through times, the facilities are all top-notch and state of the art. Party-goers have deemed the LED lights, light effects on the walls and the sound system as impeccable and cutting edge.

4. CC Slaughters Nightclub and Lounge Portland

CC Slaughters Nightclub and Lounge Portland

A venue perfects to have fun and thrilling experiences at a congenial nightclub with integrated space for the dance floor, excellent DJ performances every night, and weekly drag shows. CC Slaughters is the place to have a joyous time and happy hour drinking, following bartenders as drag queens who are sincere to strike up conversations.

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Does Portland, Oregon have a great nightlife?

Portland offers open mic nights throughout the city, nationally acclaimed karaoke spots, delicious late-night dining, adult gaming spots, and alcohol. Rejuvenate after hours with a fun event not included.

What should I bring to a nightclub?

Please make sure the ID is valid and up to date. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter the club. If you don’t have a pocket to put your wallet in, bring a hand strap clutch to hold your money and ID. Don’t bring a large purse unless you don’t mind carrying it around all night at the club.

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