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Holocene is one of the city’s premium and deluxe nightlife spots, which will surely take your breath away. It has a magnificent building with hand-built modern furnishing to add a contemporary touch to it. Not only is the building a masterpiece to behold, but The Holocene also takes great pride in its state of the art sound systems (which you can find full details about on their website). They also create the perfect ambience for you to let go on the dance floor with dark and moody rooms complimented perfectly by strobe lights as well as video projection.

The Holocene is more than your average nightclub, it’s an experience. It’s a space where music and art come together to create an immersive experience for you. Since 2003, Holocene has proudly hosted newer and well-known acts from Portland and all over the country. This 5000 sq ft facility can comfortably house over 300 people of varying interests and promises to have a little something for everyone. You can host private parties or become a part of the unforgettable party ongoing in the club. Art shows, parties, and a club that comes alive at night to give people a thrilling experience of partying and drinking. This nightclub will surely give you a night to remember, a venue for beautiful performances, music, art, and hosting.

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