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Lola’s Room Portland, Guide & Review

Lola’s Room at the Crystal Ballroom is located on the second floor directly below the Crystal. Lola’s Room is home to the 80s vibe and the famous Friday night 80s Video Dance Attack. It’s where patrons dressed in 80’s garb hit the floor and dance to favourites by classic 80s icons like Madonna, Queen, and Michael Jackson. If you are a nostalgic soul who is looking for a blast from the past. If you are in town to meet like-minded people who appreciate dancing in the dark (get the reference, hehe), then Lola’s is the place for you. Other DJ’ed dance events are held here to fit in on the era, but the 80s and 90s nights are the hottest. Lola’s Room is also famous for its floating floor. The trampoline-like effect makes it feel like you’re bouncing while you dance, making people go wild. WIth disco balls hanging from the ceilings and old-school throwbacks jamming on the speakers, Lolas promises to transport back to the good old days. The cocktails served here are the finest, and their themed events make you experience different vibes. If that wasn’t enough, they also play the music videos of whatever song is playing on a screen so you truly feel the vibes of the song. People take the liberty to dress the part and fully embrace the experience but there is no compulsion, you are welcome in your jammies if that floats your boat!

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