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Trio Lounge Portland, Guide & Review

When a person thinks of nightclubs, they think of Vegas! Extravagant nightlife has long been synonymous with sin city and that’s no secret. Trio Lounge brings the feel of the glitzy city to your hometown, Portland. The Trio, as the name aptly suggests has a downstairs, upstairs and outside area to suit your mood for the night. Dark moody rooms lit up with projection and strobe lights, Trio offers a spacious dancefloor and plenty of seating next to the DJ. The white sofas and oval tables give the club a modern vibe. The place has two separate dance rooms playing different genres of current hits and Latin music, allowing people to descend and fit in. It’s a great club to dance your heart out and interact with people. Perfect for partying with your group of friends or bachelorettes/bachelor parties, Trio is the place to be on the weekends! The staff is deemed to be welcoming and friendly. They offer a wide selection of drinks such as original cocktails like the Dragonfly made with SKYY ginger-infused vodka, Firefly sweet tea vodka, and fresh lemon juice, and snacks on their menu for your to stay nourished while you enjoy a memorable night out in the town.

And we have not gotten to the best part yet, Trio offers a karaoke space to eager party-goers! If you want to have a memorable night of singing your heart out to your favourite tunes in the company of your beloved people (or strangers), then this is the place to be. In fact, if you feel confident in your karaoke skills, The Trio Club hosts a monthly karaoke contest for money so you can cash your skill and show off a little. Overall, Trio is an absolute must place to visit.

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