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Studio 503 has a vibrant atmosphere, and they are always hosting concerts featuring the hottest Latin talent. The performances are worth the watch at this top of the line club which is no short of the epitome of nightlife in Portland. On Fridays, they host the skills of International Bands, which are a great hit. On Saturdays & Sundays, Local DJs and Bands perform, leaving the crowd bolt from the blue. This club will make you feel like you’re in Miami with the music ranging from Latin rock hits to hip-hop, salsa and other crowd favourites. While you’re there, get yourself some cocktails from their wide selection of tasteful drinks. And we must warn you that the drinks will make you want to stay the whole night because they are strong; perfect for the vibe of the club! If you’re looking to find a parking spot, then be on time because the place gets packed and why would it not? Studio 503 offers great music, plenty of places to sit back and relax between dancing and even a small arcade area with pool tables for when you want to chill out for a while with your friends!

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