Portland Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Portland Nightlife

Welcome to Portland’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Portland. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Portland Nightlife is an exotic and thrilling nightlife destination. You can experience the night coming alive after the day hours. Portland nightlife is mainly surrounded by elite mic nights held in several parts of the city. You can also enjoy the delicious late-night eating places and the nationally known karaoke spots. Portland also offers an adult-friendly gaming hub with great alcoholic specialties on offer. You have the best city nightlife scenic views that will entertain and enchant you from the beginning to the end. 

This article will guide you to some of the best nightlife destinations to enjoy in Portland. 

Happy Hours of Portland 

Once the happy hour starts, it is all about party time in Portland. You can have the experience of the best in-town establishments in Portland. Several places in Portland will lure you to check out bars and restaurants that serve some of the best dishes and mixed drinks. You can also follow the special happy hours, and enjoy the best time from 4 pm to 6 pm. You will love the variations of inexpensive cuisines and the exquisite Asian delicacies, along with the delighting city views and the downtown locations to explore. 

Portland nightlife invites you to taste the classic cocktails by the world-famous bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler. You must give a try to the Happy Hours in Clyde Common from 3 pm to 6 pm. Clyde Common offers one of the exotic menus that includes juicy hamburgers with the relishing jalapeno. You can even have the domestic charcuterie boards to enjoy at heart’s delight. Additionally, when it comes to burgers in the city, you can get some of the tummy-filling burgers for $5 tagging along with mouthwatering cocktails and snacks worth a single dollar. Generally, the eating zones remain open from 3 to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, and the midnight hours start from 2:30 am, so if you are looking for a place to binge eat, you can check out the Clyde Common. 

The Karaoke Scene at Portland 

When it comes to Karaoke, Portland offers populous venues that extends the good and the happy time. You find everything from the dive bars to the private boxes; the nightlife is all engraving and gorgeous. You have the Portland serving time of the tropical drinks and the heaps of Hawaiian foods. The following are two well-known karaoke lounges where you can enjoy singing with your friends and enjoy continental delicacies. 

  • The Alibi Tiki Lounge: 

To enjoy the best moments with your drunk friends, you can try out The Alibi Tiki Lounge. This popular karaoke lounge will give you the experience of an isolated island. Among amazements and superlative provisions, you can enjoy food, great drinks, a fun karaoke lounge, and a great time with your loved ones. 

  • Ambassador Restaurant and Lounge:

Ambassador Restaurant and Lounge is a great hangout hub in Portland where you embrace the Chinese food outlets, and the karaoke bar is on top of the list. You would be glad to find the light-up stage and the kid of fog machine at the bar at an advantage. There is The Baby Kitten Club to hold the basement bar with the two private rooms. Here you can be a part of the seventy’s and eighty’s theme, and the songbook has the most special selections, which are musical and entertaining at the same time. 

Portland Nightlife and Live Music 

Live music is an inseparable part of Portland nightlife. In matters of professional music, Portland stands best in the crowd with all the best of options. You would love the places like Crystal Ballroom and the Roseland Theater. These places highlight the best of genres with popular pop hits and the contemporary musical arts. Moreover, Portland Downtown is famous for all things that are musically elite and wonderful. You can also check out Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall if you are solely in love with classic hits. Plus, you can also enjoy live performances by the famous Oregon Symphony. The Portland Opera and Oregon Ballet Theater are two well-known Live Music destinations. They are known as some of the notable destinations of Live Music. They are also popularly spread around the location because they tend to record popular radio hits before the Portland audiences. The Portland Opera and Oregon Ballet Theater are indeed two unique music spots for any music freak. Additionally, you can also take a look at the Live Wire option. Here, you can find the artists stitched together, sketching musical comedies, and performing various confessionals in various show formats. 

The Portland Nightlife Adventures

In the downtown region of Portland, you can find the vibrant and exclusive Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood. Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood is Portland’s most popular entertainment district and is the prominent go-to spot for late-night explorers. You can check out live D.J. and sip some lip-smacking cocktails. Moreover, if you are a party animal, you must want to check the rowdy dance floors. 

If you want to experience an enhanced level of fun, the best to visit the nightlife destinations are on Fridays and Saturdays. The best time would be from 10 pm onwards. You may also find the blocks between the W. Burnside St., N.W. Everett St., N.W. Second Ave. and N.W. The fourth Ave is packed with cars, and in the wink of an eye, notice the venue getting transformed into an ambler-friendly party corner. You can find most of the things within walking distance of some of the most exotic nighttime destinations. 

You can have a taste of a perfect and exciting weekend basecamp made possible at the 19th-century sailor’s boarding house. It is the best way you can kindle the adventurous evening mood at the unique Kasbah Moroccan Café. Kasbah Moroccan Caféis the most inviting restaurant, famous for serving authentic and delicious Moroccan fare. Here, you cannot wait to miss the taste of kefta meatball tagine. If you want to be a part of the mad dance experience, you can try for an entry at the CC Slaughters and the Dirty Nightclub. These are the exotic nocturnal places where fun never melts. 

Bars In Portland

One of the major attractions of Portland is the bars. The locals of Portland love hanging out around the pubs and bars. Some of the famous bars of this place are:

  • Ringlers Pub:

Ringlers Pub is one of the famous bars in Portland. It is located in the basement of the Crystal Ballroom and is considered a significant attraction for music lovers. The pub also has various games like pinball, pool table, etc., for entertainment purposes. Thus, if you are planning to go to Portland, you should consider going to this place. In addition, you should try to go to the site from 3 pm – 6 pm on the weekdays to enjoy the happy hour menu.

  • Ground Kontrol

Ground Kontrol is from the traditional pubs of Portland. The place is a top-notch classic arcade that features over 100 classic video games and more than 30 pinball machines. This is why it is also known as one of the best Gaming Bars in the place. You can also enjoy trivia nights, gaming tournaments, and other entertaining activities if you visit Ground Kontrol. Furthermore, you can go to the site on the second Thursday of the month for unlimited gameplay at a minimum budget.

  • Vintage Cocktail Lounge

Vintage cocktail Lounge is another exciting place in Portland. It is one of the popular bars of the site, which is there in Portland from the Victorian era. The major attraction of this Lounge is its food and decorations. You must know that bar is also get used for commercial events because of its stunning ballroom. Thus, if you plan to visit Portland, you should consider visiting the bar for a fantastic experience. You can visit the places from 5 pm -7 pm on Saturday to Sunday to enjoy food and drinks at a minimum budget.

Famous Restaurants Of Portland

Food is one of the major attractions of any place. Thus, before visiting Portland, you must gather information on the best restaurant in this place. Moving over the famous restaurants of Portland are:


DUCKFAT is one of the best restaurants in this place. It is one of the very few restaurants in Portland which doesn’t serve seafood. However, due to the quality of the dishes, the site is famous among the people. One of the favorite dishes that you should have if you visit the place is the Crispy Shallot and Broccoli Panini with Raclette cheese sandwich. You must also consider reserving a table before going to the restaurant as otherwise, you may have to wait. In addition, it is one of the expensive restaurants in Portland.

  • Hat Yai

If you are planning to visit Portland, you must be optimistic about trying Thai food. The place is famous for its Thai and seafood restaurants. It would be best if you visited Hat Yai, as it is one of the top Thai restaurants in this place. You can get various mouthwatering dishes from the Hat Yai including, Thai-style fried chicken, spicy chicken wings, etc. Furthermore, one of the significant recommendations of this place is the combo offer, as you will get multiple dishes on a minimal budget. Hence, it is another famous restaurant that you must visit.

  • Bar casa vale

Bar casa vale is one of the famous bars in Portland. It has a classic American restaurant that you must visit for your experience. One of the significant reasons for which it became famous is healthy, sustainable food. Thus, if you are conscious of your health, you must visit Bar Casa Vale. Some of the favorite dishes of this restaurant are fried chicken, cheeseburger, and BBQ sandwiches. In addition, you should consider going to this restaurant as it readily serves good quality, hygienic food on a meager budget.

Various Night Clubs Of The Portland

The city indeed has laid-back energy during the morning, but it has fantastic nightlife. Due to this reason, you can notice multiple-night cubs in Portland. Therefore, the famous nightclubs that you can visit in Portland are:

  • Doug Fir Lounge

It is one of the most famous places in Portland. This particular place gets used for a different purpose, including a nightclub, piano bar, etc. It is from the very few places that that has called something for every citizen. Thus, you can understand that the site is very much exciting for socializing and hanging out. In addition, due to the vast number of everyday customers, Doug Fir Lounge provides drinks and food at a very reasonable price. Hence, if you are visiting Portland, you must see this place.

  • Holocene

Another fundamental nightclub that you should consider visiting if you are in Portland is the Holocene. It is one of the traditional bars of the place, located at the former auto-part warehouse of the city’s east. One of the significant reasons individuals generally go to the site is the dance floor and the D.J. lineup. Thus, if you are attracted to good music, you must consider going to Holocene. In addition, it is comparatively less expensive than many other nightclubs in Portland.

  • Barbarella

Barbarella is another essential night clubs of Portland that you can consider visiting. It is one of the recent bars of the city that is getting high appreciation in recent days. Another important reason most of the individual is going to Barbarella is that it is energetic and inexpensive. Hence, if you are low on your budget, you can visit this place for good quality food and drinks.


If you look for a calm place to drink a beer or a comfortable restaurant that serves some of the best meals, Portland is one of the best destinations. Additionally, when your world mainly revolves around city nightlife, you must choose venues that suit your vibe and offer precisely what you require. Portland is a fantastic vacay destination where you can enjoy the fresh air along with friendly locals and mind-blowing nightlife venues. Wait no more and book your tickets for Portland today!