Best Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta

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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Puerto Vallarta

1. La Santa Puerto Vallarta

Having curiosity, having a great night out in Mexico, then La Santa is the place to be. La Santa is a night club in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and La Santa Puerto Vallarta is sexy, and elegant. You will find a poolside lounge here, a perfect place to start the night off before heading inside to the massive dancefloor. The hottest Latin and international DJs keep the beats pumping until 6 am, but just as rapturous as the music are the lights that strobe and dance in every direction. La Santa’s thousands of lights center around a massive spotlight chandelier in the middle of the dancefloor and spiral out to create a stunning spectacle for the eyes.

2. Strana Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking to venture far from the ordinary and have a night out, then Strana is your destination. Located at Francisco Medina Ascencio Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Strana Puerto Vallarta is simply epic. Regarded by many as wilder, more beautiful, Strana transports guests to a world of immersive music and luxury service.

3. La Vaquita Puerto Vallarta

La Vaquita is a bar, a club, a nightclub and litros all in the same place! If you want to enjoy your favorite drink and have fun you’re in the right place! Located at Paseo Díaz Ordaz, Puerto Vallarta. La Vaquita Vallarta is a super fun place, cow print decoration and litro-sized drinks are its main characteristics.

4. Bar Morelos Puerto Vallarta

Located at Morelos Puerto Vallarta. The bar cultivates an upscale atmosphere to bring strangers together at their sexiest. Its wood trim and tufted leather couches make a statement of style the moment you walk through the door. Bar Morelos features two fully stocked bars on the ground floor. It also has additional seating and drink service on the second level.  You and your friends can ride the wave wherever the energy takes you.

5. Barra Bar Puerto Vallarta

When night falls, the streets of Puerto Vallarta light up till dawn. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife at its many bars and clubs around the city, from the downtown area and its fascinating Malecon, to the Romantic Zone and the trendy and sophisticated Marina. Barra bar is located in Zapopan.

6. Mandala Puerto Vallarta

Mandala is a night club located at Paseo Díaz Ordaz, Puerto Vallarta, México. Mandala Vallarta is the meeting point for nightlife lovers in Puerto Vallarta. Its decor maintains the unique style of other Mandala venues of Mexico, but at the same time creates its own magic to become one of the favorite spots for non stop partying in the Pacific.

7. ZOO Dance Bar Puerto Vallarta

Looking for a great place to be on your night out, look no further than Zoo Nightclub in Vallarta. Zoo Nightclub Vallarta is best described by its catch phrase: “Where the wild things are!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Zoo is located on the pier amidst the most popular clubs in Puerto Vallarta.

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