Puerto Vallarta Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican beach resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean’s Bahía de Banderas. Puerto Vallarta is named after Ignacio Vallarta, a former governor of Jalisco. In Spanish, Puerto Vallarta is frequently shortened to “Vallarta”, while English speakers call the city P.V. for short.

Here in this article, we will provide all the necessary information related to nightlife features of Puerto Vallarta, including a comprehensive list of the best destinations.

You will find all the tools and necessary information here to organize your holidays in Puerto Vallartathe most complete way to make your journey a beautiful experience.

The Nightlife of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a destination that has been welcoming travelers for many years, and it is one of thefavorite places to visit. Whether you are a backpacker on a budget, a digital nomad looking to spend a month, a couple wanting a week-long vacation, or an expat looking to settle down, there is an area of Puerto Vallarta that’s right for you.

So check out our recommended options here for the best venues available in Puerto Vallartaand all are ready to make you happy while you are enjoying your nightlife experience over there:

Scuba Diving

Getting on the water is always a good idea when travelling, but so is getting under it! Whether you are scuba certified or not, check out Banderas Scuba Republic. This company is PADI recognized and the team is PADI certified.At this scuba shop, you can take classes and lessons to get your certification, or if you already have your Open Water, you can go for some dives. Expect to see turtles, rays, eels and more. Banderas Scuba Republic is located in the Romantic Zone, stop by and check them out.

Romantic Zone

Located to the south of Puerto Vallarta, across the Cuale River, Vallarta Viejo is one of the most popular areas of the city. This area is perfect to visit at night for its many coffees and restaurants. There is a whole street full of cafes with a sufficient variety of specialties in its menu. Walking through the streets, when you reach Lázaro Cárdenas Square, you can enjoy Mexican music and folk dances almost every night, brightening the place. From there, you can appreciate the beautiful bay, and approaching midnight, the hotels of Puerto Vallarta and Marigalante, offer a fascinating fireworks show.

Tour Pirates of the Bay

Weigh anchor! That’s right, in Puerto Vallarta there are fierce pirates willing to entertain your night with swords, acrobatics and bombing the town with the canyons of the impressive Marigalante. This tour starts at the seaport and runs through the bay where you stop for a few moments in front of the seawall to shoot your cannons and offer a real fireworks show. During the ride, several shows are performed, such as the drunken show, the black violinist, among others. Their kitchen is under deck, this impressive galleon is able to serve dinner for up to 240 passengers with free bar inside air-conditioned dining room for the heat season.

Walk the Malecon – Day & Night

Don’t miss the chance to walk Vallarta’s iconic Malecon. On one side of the boardwalk you’ve got the beautiful bay and the other side is lined with shops, restaurants and bars spanning nearly 12 blocks! It is a great area to explore during the day but be sure to come back at night again once the streets are lit up, the bars have their music blaring and the street performers are out in full force. Keep your eyes peeled for the nightly fireworks that go off from the Marigalante pirate ship on the water.

Shopping at Rio Cuale

If your budget allows for some shopping, avoid the touristy shops on the Malecon and head straight to the market at the River Cuale. Remember that you are in Mexico and bargaining is expected. Most market stalls don’t open until about 10am but there are indoor and outdoor stands with everything from tacky souvenirs to authentic tapestries. One of the favorite part about the River Cuale area is walking across the shaky foot bridge that still makes one nervous!

Best Bars in Puerto Vallarta

Once a sleepy village, the resort city of Puerto Vallarta was transformed almost overnight in the 1960s, when Hollywood superstars Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor traveled to the area, bringing the international press with them. Since then, the city has drawn a steady stream of beach-loving tourists. However, it’s not just the beaches that draw the crowds, but the vibrant nightlife too. Here we’ve put together an ultimate guide to the best bars in Puerto Vallarta to help you narrow, so go out with your friends and loved-one out there to have a memorable experience on your vacation at Puerto Vallarta:

Burros Bar

This beachside bar and seafood restaurant is a spacious venue located at OlasAltas Beach. A welcoming, unpretentious watering hole, Burros also has a decent menu, with simple Mexican food and seafood. A great place to enjoy a few cold drinks with the waves lapping just a stone’s throw from your feet.

Bar Morelos Mescaleria

In recent years, mezcal has been grabbing the international spotlight, and Bar Morelos is one of the best places to sample tequila’s smoky hipster cousin. The stylish venue offers an extensive range of mezcal cocktails, with welcoming, helpful staff on hand to offer advice to patrons. A large bar, but with a loyal base of regulars, it’s worth heading to Bar Morelos early because it does fill quickly.


Coppa is a bar with a low ceiling and an interesting mezzanine floor layered with scattered cushions, which allow you to drink in comfort. The decor is not the main attraction here, however, despite being very attractive. Coppa also have a delicious range of unusual beer based cocktails that are a must-try for anyone visiting Vallarta. If shisha is your kind of thing, drop by, because this quirky hot-spot is also the only smoky shisha bar in town.

Twisted Palms

This stylish venue has earned legendary status in Puerto Vallarta, combining a beautiful setting with a well-crafted drinks list. The Twisted Palms is best known for its incredible martinis, which are prepared by a team of welcoming, knowledgeable mixologists. Yet it is not just the drinks that make this a special place, the rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and ocean.

Devil’s Bar & Grill

Both sports fans and drinks fans will love the Devil’s Bar & Grill, a fun, friendly venue on Puerto Vallarta’s iconic boardwalk. Owned by American couple Alan and Melinda James, the bar offers some of the best margaritas and micheladas in town. With multiple TV screens, this is a great place to watch sports while enjoying an ice-cold drink.

Los Muertos Brewing

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in microbreweries and craft beers in Mexico, and Los Muertos Brewing is the best option for beer connoisseurs in Puerto Vallarta. Set smack bang in the center of the Old Town, Los Muertos has an extensive collection of beers and a fun, relaxing vibe. The waiting staff are both enthusiastic and knowledgeable, so will happily guide newcomers through the drinks menu.

Bar Frida

Open for business since 2001, Bar Frida is an inclusive and welcoming cantina. Aside from the hospitable, convivial atmosphere, Bar Frida also has an impressive range of daily drinks deals, including micheladas on Fridays and Saturdays and 20 peso beers all day, every day. It can’t be beaten on value.

Bar La Playa

This elegant cocktail bar offers a wide range of delicious, freshly-made cocktails, which are served in the mason jars that have become a regular fixture in trendy joints from New York to Sydney. The house special, La Playa, is particularly worth sampling, and the staff are always helpful and attentive.

Roxy Rock House

This thrilling dive bar surely has the liveliest and most inebriated clientele on this list. A great choice for live music lovers, the Roxy Rock House is widely regarded as the city’s best venue for rock and reggae. The party typically starts around midnight, although bear in mind that talking can be tricky in such a loud venue.

Piano Bar & Jazz Garbo

Never too far from the top of any local’s recommendation list, Piano Bar & Jazz Garbo is one of favorite venue with excellent live music acts that play from 10 p.m. With stylish décor and even more stylishly-dressed regulars, the bar has a sophisticated vibe and is one of the best places to enjoy live music while sipping a well-made martini.

Best Bar Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is home to stunning sunsets, beautiful beaches, and one of the most exciting gourmet scenes in Mexico. Restaurants in this picturesque city range from family-run taco stands to award-winning fine dining restaurants. There are two important food festivals during the year, the Gourmet Festival in November and Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week from May 15 to June 10. But you will find plenty of restaurants serving delicious food, from flavorful fish tacos to fabulous gourmet meals any time of the year. Here we have come up with some of the best and premium restaurants available in Puerto Vallartaso you don’t find yourself in the hassle of looking for:

La Palapa

La Palapa takes beachfront dining to another level with efficient and personal service. This can all be enjoyed while feeling the sand between your toes. A family-owned and -run restaurant, La Palapa combines fresh, local ingredients with Asian and French elements. This makes for some tasty dishes, all at a reasonable price. The selling point here, however, is the combination of such good food with such an amazing view.

Playa Detox

Playa Detox is a recently opened and locally owned vegan restaurant and juice bar. It has a focus on cutting the acidity from our diets. They served piled high on a crisp tostada. Combine with a fresh, cold-press juice for a refreshingly healthy lunch. It is handily located opposite a beautiful yoga studio, and regularly offers healthy living sessions on the premises. Playa Detox is a must-visit for both vegans and those feeling the effects of holiday overindulgence alike.

El Arrayán

Dine in comfort at El Arrayán, with tables surrounding the picturesque courtyard, whose trees more often than not provided the fruits for your delicious cocktails. Serving traditional almost gourmet Oaxacan-inspired cuisine, this atmospheric restaurant is located a few streets back from the malecón. It is accommodating for those following gluten-free diets and alters the common misconception that Mexican food is always cheese- and grease-heavy.

Café Des Artistes

Going beyond the familial, rustic aesthetic of many Puerto Vallarta restaurants, Café Des Artistes offers a high-class dining experience, in a breathtaking interior. Acclaimed chef Thierry Blouet was educated in France and Mexico. This goes someway to explain the delicate, delectable compositions that dominate the menu here. Highlights include the rib-eye steak and refreshing cucumber martinis, served by attentive wait-staff. Be sure to inform them earlier of birthdays or anniversaries for a truly special experience. However, if a three-course meal is too much, partake in tapas and cocktails at the adjoining and equally decadent P’Yote Lounge.

Barcelona Tapas

If you are tired out after the slight uphill walk and stairs needed to reach fifth-floor Barcelona Tapas, treat yourself to delicious sangria on arrival. Be sure not to immediately take in the views over downtown Vallarta and the beach as you will be left even shorter of breath than before. The range of both tapas and wine is impressive and diverse. You will be spoiled for choice, so going in a group is advisable to take advantage of the options available. The service is excellent, the views stunning, and the food will make you temporarily forget about tacos.

El Barracuda

On the beach, dining doesn’t have to be low quality, as proved by El Barracuda. In this people-watcher’s dream, take advantage of the oceanfront location, interspersing courses with a quick dip. The seafood options naturally come highly recommended, accompanied by a classic margarita. For those wanting more of a relaxed, restaurant vibe, going during the day is preferable. This is because it adopts a beach bar atmosphere during the evening. Overall, it has great food in an above-average location.

La Piazzetta

Pizza in the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta, La Piazzetta is a perennially busy hub with a menu full of authentic Italian recipes. Divine thin-crust pizzas smothered in an exceptional red sauce, topped with any combination of ingredients make La Piazzetta the perfect location for simple, traditional, and delicious food, should you tire of Mexican dishes. Diners can often expect to be greeted by owner Mimmo Lorusso, either in the main restaurant or the outdoor courtyard, making for a welcoming dining experience in this home away from home.

Best Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta

In a city where classic tradition meets world-class elegance, Puerto Vallarta nightlife offers something for everyone, from travelers looking to slow down by the ocean to the revelers dancing the night away. As the sun sets, the dance clubs in Puerto Vallarta start to bustle as mixologists shake up cocktails. Bands tune up in the best bars in Puerto Vallarta, and DJs start to spin records. However, the best nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is wherever you are with friends and a good drink. So, if you are in the mood for a bit of city’s nightlife attraction, get your dancing shoes on and make your way to one of our chosen clubs. Check out our recommendations here, grab a group of friends or special someone and explore Puerto Vallarta’s glamorous nightlife activities going on at the optimum best night clubs over there:


Along the Malecon boardwalk in the heart of downtown, all types of Puerto Vallarta bars and clubs light up the night. With groups of friends and couples bouncing from one to another, you will find electrifying energy wherever you go. One of the most popular dance clubs in Puerto Vallarta is Mandala, located in the center of the Malecon. Inside, you will find everyone from bachelorette parties to vacationers sun kissed from a day on the beach. The rush of dancing under the chandelier and celebrating life with those around you is what Puerto Vallarta nightlife is all about.


The place is stunning; the roof is retractable, so while you are enjoying a great night you can see the stars and feel like one with your best dance moves. Music is outstanding!


Biblioteca means “library” in Spanish, but don’t worry, this place is not for the quiet. This Puerto Vallarta nightclub is truly a spectacle for the senses. Wild parties every weekend feature incredible lighting that strafes the entire club. Top DJs from around the world pump dance, electronic and reggae on beats from towering speakers and expert mixologists prepare cocktails that glow, smolder, and ignite! Biblioteca is located in the heart of the tourist center of the city, so its easy to get there, and it is a great place to meet travelers and locals alike.

Mr. Flamingo

Downtown, you can find a variety of bars in Puerto Vallarta that are open to all. Mr. Flamingo is one of the liveliest bars in Puerto Vallarta, with pop music pouring into the streets and couples and friends dancing inside. Sing along to your favorite hits while dancing with your friends or partner at what feels like a giant party with neon, tropical decor. Heading out to the bars in Puerto Vallarta will lead you into a night of dancing where the energy is lively and inclusive.

La Santa

La Santa is one of the more exclusive-feeling dance clubs in Puerto Vallarta, often frequented by vacationing celebrities. The light show and in-house DJ are consistently fresh, providing the best nightlife in Puerto Vallarta for those looking to get dressed up for a night out. Bottles of champagne and sparkling firecrackers make every night an event you won’t want to miss. With parties and themes changing throughout the year, something surprising in Puerto Vallarta nightlife is always in store at La Santa.

El Solar

Locals and visitors mix together in the bar or on the beach at El Solar, one of the most popular Puerto Vallarta bars. Listening to the DJ or the crashing waves, you will be surrounded by a laid-back ambiance where you can enjoy their creative cocktails made with local tequilas, mezcals, and raicillas. You can also order appetizers and entrees from El Barracuda, the restaurant next door, if you start to get hungry. This is one of the best bars in Puerto Vallarta for those who want to relax, enjoy some conversation, and drink quality cocktails and craft beers by the ocean.


If you are looking for one of the best bars in Puerto Vallarta for craft cocktails, Almacen has locations in both Old Town and the Marina with unique blends of top-shelf liquors, fresh juices, and flavorful spices. Quieter than the nightclubs, Almacen provides the perfect ambience for guests to sip cocktails while relaxing in the candlelight of the posh lounge. This is the best nightlife in Puerto Vallarta for those looking for a classy night out or a romantic date.


Let us sum up things, here in this article we went through a brief introduction of Puerto Vallarta along with a brief introduction of city attraction. We also went through different activities and place to enjoy the nightlife. Such activities provide a great source of entertainment for tourists and locals as well.

We then went through a comprehensive list of bars available in the city. These exotic and swanky bars are just awesome and worth visiting. No doubt, Puerto Vallarta has some of the classic and cozy bars to cater to your boozing needs.

To fulfill your food craving we also looked at a list of bar-restaurants which provide delicious and exotic culinary experience along with a touch of booze. This delightful and amazing combination of food and booze pushes the limits of Nightlife entertainment and adds a great value to your journey. And finally, we explored a detailed list of nightclubs of the city that provide premium night-time entertainment for your optimum satisfaction.

Make sure to give a try the above recommendation which will add value to your tour, so that you won’t regret yourself choosing bad options.