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The quality of the Blast Athens club has met a very capable staff, ready to serve the whole world and satisfy the public with its best services. A modern space, it was the home of house music, which came to allow a wonderful atmosphere to wander around, but also throughout Gazi. Last year, at the famous Blast Athens club, after two years of absence, the famous and leading man of his kind, Greek House Dj musician Johnny Gerontakis, returned to the decks, again making the best impression around his name, even making it and the Blast Athens club one of the best clubs in the capital. House and dance music acquired flesh and bones next to Johnny Gerontakis’ top name, and the Blast Athens club flourished in Gazi and was considered a top club for music and dance.

So if you’re a fan of this kind of music, you’ve got your new hangout if you’ve never visited the Blast Athens club. Yiannis Gerontakis is the ultimate DJ of his kind and the only thing is that you will not be disappointed for any reason as long as he has his hand. Although his absence for two years from the decks made all want him more and more, he also compensated with his collaboration with this exquisite artistic shop, and thus Blast Athens club took the form it wanted from the first moment. An incredibly reliable house and dance music store that was missing from Athens. Above all, and its prices are satisfactory. Every Thursday and Friday there will be two new parties with new Dj’s in the venue giving their own pace, always under the supervision and guidance of Gerontakis. And of course on Saturdays, it belongs to the same person, who takes over the decks and literally becomes a mess.

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