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Dybbuk Athens, Guide & Review

Dybbuk is the number 1 dance club in Athens! Hit the heart of Athens for all of the vibrant activity going on in the hottest club. Dybbuk has been the must-visit destination in Athens nightlife since 2009. Located in the sophisticated neighborhood, this well-liked club attracts the trend setting youngsters who enjoy the energetic atmosphere. Renowned DJs from all over the world set the rhythm on the decks, creating the vibes for dancing until the small hours. Dybbuk is a dynamic combination of music and spectacle, and has been described as a ‘dance theater’.

The space functions as a New York style after club with great house music which always amazes. The thrilling environment is perfect also for memorable parties. This club is closed during the summer months. Dybbuk is a popular club that attracts big crowds with its vibrant atmosphere. Also it has excellent service and its customers are the admirers of Athens. Revel in luxurious decor, from the bottom up, designer Antonis Kalogridis is behind the stylish night scene. Whether partying the night up with house DJs CJ Jeff and Jojo or indulging in internationally famous guest DJs, you’ll get the best entertainment at Dybbuk Athens.

Dybbuk has been a must-visit destination in Athens for over 8 years. The club is synonymous with unforgettable parties and nights of fun. Situated in the cosmopolitan Syntagma area is always prepared for ultimate parties. Dybbuk Bar, now in Syntagma – previously in Kolonaki, kickstarts the ‘winter’ season with an opening party in September- October (not to mention their legendary ‘closing’ parties in May, for future reference!). So, if you’re looking for a hot party spot in cosmopolitan central Athens, keep an eye on Dybbuk’s party calendar via Facebook.

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