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About Bristol

Bristol is located southwest of England and has a maritime history. It has a population of 463,400 and is the most populous city in South West England, and is the 11th largest in the UK when it comes to population. It is known for its beauty and the number of activities available to do all day long as well as night. There are so many secrets and fascinating things about the city and lots of stuff for the tourists to explore.

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A picnic at Brandon Hill Park

It is also known as St Brandon’s hill and close to the Bristol City center. It is a nice and relaxing area that you could enjoy with your family. It is also an excellent place to spend your evening as you could explore the city and the outside world with your loved ones. It’s also a wonderful place to explore nature as it truly is. If you are looking to spend your evening, then Brandon Hill Park is the right place to go.

Milk Thistle 

This bar is a very exciting place to enjoy your evening with your friends as you can grab a drink in a family-like environment. The staff is also extremely polite with the customers, and the atmosphere is very pleasant. It is one of the top bars in the city because of its friendly environment and enjoying quality time with your friends. If you are looking to spend quality time with your friends, then Milk Thistle is the right place to go.


If you are looking to have a good time in fair prices, this is the right place to go for a night out. It offers excellent drinks and a cozy atmosphere. It is a small place, but the size doesn’t justify the joy the Cosie’s has to offer. There are many good drinks and delicious food the place offers, and it is one of the best places to spend your night out with your friends and family.

Tobacco Factory Theatre

It’s a café and bar at the same time that the customers can enjoy their evening. They have different events every night to announce their opening. These events range from comedy shows to musical performances, which makes it a great place to have drinks with your friends as you could also enjoy few laughs while having to drink. If you are looking to spend quality time with your friends, then Tobacco Factory Theatre is the right place to go. 

Enjoy bowling at The Lanes

Bristol’s unique bowling alley, bar and diner all at the same time gives the customer to enjoy all these things at once. This makes this the best place to spend the night in Bristol with your friends and family. The bowling alley allows the customers to compete with their friends to find out their new skills. The Lanes is no doubt the best place to spend quality time.

Bristol Hippodrome

The best way to spend the night is to watch a live performance in the Hippodrome theater. The tickets are not costly at all, and you can purchase them online and have a guaranteed seat on the show. The performances are very exciting and usually make the customers laugh out loud.

The Old Duke

This is one of the oldest pubs in Bristol and gives the visitors a past feeling because of the decorations and attitudes in the bar. The staff is very responsive and always ready to help the customers. The bar offers one of the best beverages for adults. This is a great place to visit and have some drinks with your friends as it gives a home-like feeling. The Old Duke is a great historic bar, which gives the idea about Bristol’s past.


Bristol is one of the most populated cities in England, which justifies the number of activities available to your friends and family. You have many choices to spend your night in the city, whether in a club or at the Hippodrome theater or at The Lanes playing a match of bowling with your friends and competing.