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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Bristol

1) Basement 45 Bristol

Basement 45 Bristol is a lively nightclub located on Frogmore Street, Bristol. This basement bar opens at 10 pm for five nights a week and offers a wide variety of musical genres. These genres include bass, dubstep, hip-hop, electro, and RnB. Moreover, the bar is also quite popular among students. In addition, the bar also has a beautiful outlook with exposed brick and fairy lights, providing a very intimate and cozy atmosphere. The club also hires famous DJs that will be sure to get you to party the night away. This club is the perfect spot to go clubbing as well as drinking and dancing. Moreover, the drinks are also pocket-friendly. Lastly, there is no specific dress code requirement for entrance.

2) Cosies Bristol

Cosies Bristol is a lively bar and club that serves food during the day and transforms into a hotspot for locals in the evenings. The club mainly focuses on reggae and dub but also dabbles in retro, hip-hop, and RnB. Moreover, the bar has also become quite popular in the Bristol nightlife scene because of the famous DJs that host parties in this club. Cosies is also quite popular amongst the students because of the cheap drinks and the live underground bands that come out to perform for the locals. This club is perfect for drinking and dancing, as a dance floor is also available for people to let loose. Moreover, the entrance fee is £5. Lastly, the age limit for entrance is 18.

3) Lakota Bristol

Lakota Bristol is a club that is spread out over three rooms, has a split-level dance floor and hosts some of the most popular DJs and live performances. It is located near the main city center and is the perfect place to part the night away on weekends. Moreover, the club also has a license to remain open until 6 am, allowing partygoers to party the whole night. In addition, the club also offers a wide variety of drinks to choose from, including wines, shots, and lagers. These drinks are also happily affordable, and that makes this club even more popular. Moreover, the club focuses on party mashups and live performances from local talent. The entrance fee varies from day to day, and the entrance age limit is 18.

4) Lizard Lounge Bristol

Lizard Lounge Bristol is a club that is widely popular amongst students. It is located on Queens Road, Bristol. The club is open from Monday to Saturday and focuses on a variety of nights to attract students and societies that would enjoy cheesy tunes, cheap drinks and late hours. In addition, a dance floor is also available for dancing the night away. Moreover, a bar is also present that serves tasty cocktails and shooters. A private room is also available for parties that are more intimate. Moreover, the club focuses on pop, hip=hop, RnB and House music to keep the partygoers dancing and enjoying. Lastly, this club is perfect for clubbing, dancing and drinking, and stag or hen parties.

5) Lola Lo Bristol

Lola Lo Bristol  is a Polynesian inspired club with early 10th century American vibes. It has become one of Bristol’s most popular clubs. It is beautifully decorated and has a menu filled with tasty drinks. Moreover, the venue itself is also very beautiful and has the word ‘Aloha’ painted on the entrance. The bar is made with bamboo trunks, creating the perfect Tiki-like vibe. In addition, a dance floor is also available so partygoers can enjoy their nights to the fullest. Furthermore, party mashups, pop and RnB tracks play in the background. Furthermore, a smoking area is also available for smokers. There is no specific dress code requirement and the age limit for entrance is 18 and above. Lola Lo is the perfect club for drinking and dancing.

6) Mbargo Bristol

Mbargo Bristol is the perfect place to go. The club is located in Triangle West and is open seven nights a week. Each night has a different theme, such as ‘The Drop’ on Tuesday nights, when the prices of drinks drop drastically. Another themed night is ‘The Social’ on Thursdays, which extends the happy hour until 11 pm. Moreover, the club is also quite popular with the industry people because they keep parties going on even on a Sunday. In addition, a dance floor is also available so you can sip on happily affordable drinks and dance the nights away. Moreover, the club music is mainly pop, hip-hop, RnB and House to keep their customers dancing to the beat of their upbeat music line up.

7) Motion Bristol

Motion Bristol is a huge space near Temple Meads Station, Bristol. This club is spread across many warehouses and even has an outdoor space. Moreover, the club is also famous for hosting big names in the music industry, such as Just Jack and Fat Boy Slim. This club is quite popular amongst students because the venue itself has new forms of technology. It makes the club stand out, they do this through lasers and as well as cocktails. Moreover, the bass also hosts events such as bingo parties and pizza all-dayers. The club focuses on house, bass, hip-hop, and RnB tunes, and also provides a dance floor for partygoers to dance the night away. The age limit for entrance is 18.

8) OMG Bristol

OMG Bristol is one of the West Country’s biggest gay club. It is open all seven days of the week and offers a variety of entertainment options for customers to enjoy from, this includes interesting drag acts as well as drink deals. Moreover, the club is also a perfect spot for trying out the new LED dance floor that lights up when you dance on it. Moreover, the club also has a stage for performers to enjoy and a dancing podium and bar that serves drinks and cocktails. Booths are also available for more private and intimate events. The bar mainly focuses on pop, hip-hop, RnB and party mashups to keep the customers dancing all night.

9) Attic Bar Bristol

Attic Bar Bristol is said to be one of the best clubs in the country because of their great live music scene and DJ roster. The club itself can hold 240 clubbers, and opens at 12pm daily but gets busier and more packed as soon as the evening sets in. Moreover, the club also has a stage for performers and DJs and a fully stocked bar that offers tasty drinks. In addition, the club also has a terrace for outdoor parties in the summer time. The Attic focuses on live music, but apart from that, they also play house and indie genres for their customers. This club is the perfect place to go clubbing or drinking and dancing. Lastly, there is no specific dress code for entrance.

10) Amoeba Bristol

Amoeba Bristol is a bar that is located on King’s Road, Bristol. It is inviting in nature with its wooden seats, cozy sofas, and soft cushions. The warm red walls and flowers create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Moreover, it is also a three-story bar that has an expansive cocktail and beer menu, that too in highly affordable prices. In addition, a dance floor is also present for customers to dance away to the newest tunes played by the DJ on the weekends. Amoeba also has a license to remain open until late to ensure that partygoers party to the fullest. Moreover, there is no additional entrance charge or specific dress code to follow. Lastly, the age limit for entrance is 18 and above.

11) Be At One Bristol

Be At One Bristol is located within the infamous Triangle in Clifton, Bristol. The bar is famous for providing the best cocktails, service, and atmosphere in town. Furthermore, it is also perfect for either a quick drink after work or a full blown out party. Moreover, the bar enters its true form at night with its vibrant neon lights and mirrored walls. In addition, the bar is also famous for having bartenders that are not afraid to experiment and provide you with the newest and unique concoctions. Be At One also offers these unique and tasty drinks in economical prices, with an all day and night happy hour every Monday also. Lastly, the dress code for entrance is smart casual.

12) London Cocktail Club Bristol

London Cocktail Club Bristol has now opened its branch in Bristol and has much to offer. Starting with the Peter Pan-inspired party night, which will make you never want to grow up. Furthermore, the bar also operated until the early hours of the morning. The bar has a variety of decorations such as funky wall prints and even a crocodile that keeps an eye on you as you make your way to the secret potions and elixir bar. These themed drinks are also affordable in nature and will make you keep coming back for more. In addition, there is also no door charge or any specific clothing requirement for entrance. The age limit for entrance, however, is 18 and above.

13) The Bootlegger Bristol

The Bootlegger Bristol is a themed bar and is located on Cheltenham Road, Bristol. It takes inspiration from the 1920s and 1930s, creating a speakeasy environment. With an interior consisting of exposed brink, huge bulbs, and cozy corners it gives an aesthetic vibe. Furthermore, the spot is also known for offering live music nights with local talents as well as DJs. In addition, the cocktail menu consists of more than ninety cocktails, beers and various forms of ciders. This bar is the perfect place to get a drink after work, especially when the drinks are economical, by offering happy hour deals when 2 cocktails are available in £10. Lastly, a dance floor is also present for people to let loose and dance the night away.

14) Black Rock Bristol

Black Rock Bristol is club perhaps the most impressive whiskey bar in the United Kingdom. It contains over 250 different bottles of whiskey from all over the world, as well we expert bartenders to suggest the perfect type of whiskey that will appeal you the most. In addition, they also have a big cocktail menu with signature as well as experimental cocktails to keep you interested. Each drink is unique and exotic in nature, such as the coffee-laced cocktail that will keep you asking for more. Moreover, these unique drinks and spirits are also pocket-friendly, and are perfect for getting drinks after work, or even for a date. There is no additional door charge. Lastly, the entrance age limit is 18 and above.

15) The Clockwork Rose Bristol

The Clockwork Rose Bristol is a steampunk-inspired bar with the most unique cocktail menu in all of Bristol. This includes alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks with exotic names. Moreover, this themed bar also offers a small back-story with each unique drink they serve, which customers listen to once they can order the drink. Furthermore, the bar is based on a fictional airship captain, and the bar has many Easter eggs related to his travels, such as lockets, suitcases and flying goggles. These small objects provide a deeper meaning to the bar itself and draw people into the adventures of this bar. Lastly, these interesting drinks are also happily affordable in nature. Only people above the age of 18 can enter the club

16) The Beer Emporium Bristol

The Beer Emporium Bristol is the place to go. This basement bar focuses on one thing only; fine craft brews. Moreover, the bar has arched brick ceilings and candlelit corners to provide you with the perfect intimate setting. Furthermore, the bar holds hundreds of craft beer bottles, ranging from German to American beers, as well we British tastes preferred by the locals. In addition, these craft beers are also pocket-friendly and are perfect for a drink after work with your friends. There is also no entrance fee or a specific dress code requirement. The age limit for admission, however, is 18 and above.

17) Flipside Bristol

Flipside Bristol Cocktail Club is a bar in Bristol with a beautiful garden setting with tasty drinks, good music, and an overall intimate environment. The bar also has a beautiful interior. It consists of brick frames on the wall, green tones spread out and tall steel stools with low handing lamps, providing a deeply intimate setting. Moreover, they are also known for their handmade drinks that are not only quite tasty but also have interesting tea-infused names, such as the Early Grey Sour, which combines gin with Earl Grey tea. In addition, a dance floor is also available for customers to let loose and party. This bar is perfect for a night out with friends, or with someone special. The entrance age limit is 18 and above.

18) Antix Bristol

Antix Bristol

Antix Bristol is at the center of Bristol’s nightlife and has served the community for 15 glorious years. It is one of the most happening venues in the city and does not close up shop until early morning. They have a lot of DJs on their roster who concentrate on their own specialties whether it is RnB, House, EDM or Reggaeton. You can drink and dance in a fun environment. The club serves cocktails for early arrivals until 1 am and it also one of the most popular venues for an after party. A lot of regulars visit the club because they trust it will provide them with a good time. The club remains open throughout the week.

19) Forty Eight Bristol

Forty Eight Bristol

Forty Eight Bristol is Bristol’s top choice for great music and drinks at low prices. It is a unique club in the center of the city and hosts some of the best local DJs every week. Forty Eight also hosts live music acts and runs many promotional nights on the weekends. The venue is open for hire throughout the week and can be booked for your private celebrations and VIP events. They have great offers for large groups which is why it is one of the places all after parties end up. They offer top entertainment for everyone in a vibrant setting and the deals on drinks are too good to pass up.

20) Taboo Bristol

Taboo Bristol

Taboo Bristol is a night club which is built on the concept of providing the premium nightlife experience in an artistic way. They play a variety of music from many different genres including RnB, Hip hop and commercial music. The DJs are allowed to express themselves using whatever medium they think best fits the mood of the crowd. The night club is unpretentious yet maintain premium standards. You can listen to original tracks, sip branded drinks and dance to your heart’s content at Taboo. The bar serves tequila shots, bottles of champagne, Jägerbombs and every other cocktail combination. They work with many promoters to bring throw unbelievable parties and club nights for the people of Bristol.

21) PRYZM Bristol

PRYZM Bristol

PRYZM Bristol is modern and hip joint that has recently been added to Bristol’s night scene. It has been designed around the concept of a coliseum with three arenas. One is the VIP luxury suite which has customized interior by known designer and furnished with the modern accessories. Then there is the bar where you can order any cocktail, wine or tonic. The third includes the dance floor which has young and beautiful people vibing to the same kind of music. You can book a booth inside the club and have an intimate experience or join the main dance floor and meet new people.

22) Thekla Bristol

Thekla Bristol

Thekla Bristol has been at the helm of the music scene since forever. Whether it was jazz and cabaret in the 70s or the punk scene during the 90s, Thekla has been providing the good people of Bristol premium entertainment. They host 7 different gigs every week even today and you can catch your favourite DJ or band performing at the venue. The club has an intimate setting and was relaunched during 2006 as an underground night club. Their event calendar features eclectic events and an exciting entertainment lineup. Thekla promotes the drum and bass music movement and is best known for playing RnB and hip-hop music. However, they are not only limited to those two genres and play everything from reggaeton to hardcore rock.

23) SWX Bristol

SWX Bristol

SWX Bristol is a night club with character and it has multiple levels each with its own unique style. There are three different rooms in the club dedicated to different genres of music. The main stage is on the first floor and can accommodate over a thousand people. The room is wide and equipped with the best sound, lighting and special effects system money can buy. The second floor has a much smaller stage for an intimate gathering of 500 people. There is another stage on that floor in another room so there are multiple performances happening in the club. There is a large well-stocked bar for refreshments and keeping guests hydrated.

24) The Fleece Bristol

The Fleece Bristol

The Fleece Bristol is named after the fact that the building used to be a sheep market back in t he 1800s. It has since then been revamped and turned into a fully functional night club capable of hosting 450 people. The new management took over in 2010 and they have added accessibility ramps for their disabled guests as well. The Bristol venue is the largest one in the area and has hosted many local and international musicians. The venue hosts club nights every night of the week and has been doing it since 1982. The Fleece is also available for hiring for private events and VIP parties.

25) OPA Bristol

OPA Bristol

OPA Bristol is not only a way to express joy but it is a feeling of cheer that makes you leave all the stress behind and exist in that one happy moment. That is the feeling the people behind OPA night club want to promote and they have created a unique venue around it. The club is fitted with high-end interior décor and spans over two different floors each styled in a different way. The club has a luxurious environment and it is versatile in the music genres they play. There are many themed nights planned with different DJs, cabaret dances and all forms of live entertainment. You can host an event or celebration at OPA and the staff will help put together an unforgettable night. There are many themed nights planned with different DJs, cabaret dances and all forms of live entertainment.

26) Fiddlers Club Bristol

Fiddlers Club Bristol is in a stone building which served a jail in the 1740s but now it is a music venue that frees people of their worries. The club opened its doors in 1994 and has achieved a reputation for promising a good time. This is a place where you can host your private and social events. There are a few rooms inside the premises with a total capacity of 450. Everyone who has been to the night club agrees it is one of the best in the city. The Fiddler’s Club remains open until 2 am and it is the place to dance away your stress.

27) Walkabout Bristol

Walkabout Bristol  is one of the best clubs in Bristol and they are known for their spectacular parties. The management has just refurbished the interiors and turned it into a classy joint. Walkabout serves as a sports bar as well as a night club and you can order food there as well. They have cold refreshing drinks for those who have worked up a thirst on the dance floor. During the week you can catch a football match and root for your team while on the weekends you can fins yourself rubbing shoulders with the party animals of the city. The club offers the best price on bottle service and affordable VIP packages for you and your friends.

28) Pam Pam Bristol

Pam Pam Bristol

Pam Pam Bristolis a venue in the middle of the Clifton Triangle and it is not only a bar but also a luxury lounge. The owners have styled the place with a blend of chic new and rustic old. There are luxurious sofas and wall paneling in hues of cool blue accented by copper. They play an eclectic mix of music from the calm and cool sounds of RnB to the vibrant and loud Salsa. The club is large enough to cater to the party people of Bristol. The atmosphere is very comfortable and charged with energy. The DJ has a selection of the best latest tracks ready to drop so you can dance the night away.

29) Blue Mountain Club Bristol

Blue Mountain Club Bristol

Blue Mountain Club Bristol  is one of the most happening venues in the city. They have decked out the place with the best sound and lighting equipment Bristol has ever seen. You will be transported to the 80s with the neon laser beams and smoke machines creating a matchless environment. The club hosts some of the best local and international DJs for their themed parties scheduled every week. You can join in on the fun on Tuesday and Thursday nights to get over the midweek stress or on the weekends when you are finally off school and work and can stay out till late.

30) Queenshilling Bristol

Queenshilling Bristol

Queenshilling Bristol is a respectable LGBT club in Brisol. It has won many awards for being a great establishment and serving the gay community in the city. The staff at the venue welcomes everyone with a big smile. There is a reason it is known as Bristol’s friendliest night club. The modern interior design and great music is one of the reasons crowds flock their on the weekends. The club is on Frogmore Street and it is near other important landmarks so it is a great way to end your tour of Bristol if you are a tourist. The building is decked in colorful LED lighting and the art décor goes well with the building façade from the 20’s.

31) Bristol Bear Bar

Bristol Bear Bar

Bristol Bear Bar is the first of its kind because it is the pioneer multi-purpose bear bar in the country. The staff welcomes everyone with a friendly attitude and it is open to people from all walks of life. You will feel welcomed by Steve and his team that serves drinks with a great big smile. The bar and night club is open six days of the week and remains closed on Monday. It is situated in the heart of the city’s Gay Village and hosts the Bristol Bear Fiesta which is a week-long LGBT fest that attracts people from all over the country.

32) Agora Bristol

Agora Bristol

Agora Bristol is an LGBT night club situated in the center of Bristol’s gay district. They have a full bar and serve a variety of drinks. The club’s lineup features some of the best DJs in the city and Agora is known as the place you go to if you are in the mood for dancing.  Agora was refurbished in 2016 and turned into a modern club. Now it is under new management and they have hired a team of young and energetic staff members who strive to provide their guests with the best night ever. The essence of the club is captured by its motto which is live, laugh and party!

33) Asylum Bristol

Asylum Bristol

Asylum Bristol is the best underground club in Bristol. The venue has brought back old school club nights and they have top DJs headlining every month. The bar has an extensive selection of cocktails, wines, spirits and other beverages. The mixologists on board are always experimenting with alcohol and create new concoctions on request. The arches stonework inside the building might be old but the club is very progressive. The music here ranges from House, Techno, EDM to Rock. The dance floor is always filled with people who love to dance. There is psychedelic laser lighting inside that will take you back to the good old disco days.

34) La Rocca Bristol

La Rocca Bristol

La Rocca Bristol is one of the popular basement clubs in Bristol. It is located in Clifton and is one of the oldest night clubs in the city still advertising the same name. The establishment is lucky enough to be frequented regularly by university students, young professionals and their loyal mature guests. They welcome like minded individuals whose sole aim is to have a great time. La Rocca offers entertainment till early morning and the DJ plays a diverse range from RnB to EDM. There are two bars inside the building so you do not have to wait to get served. It is an ideal place to host your next party or just go for a weekend boogie.

35) Gravity Bristol

Gravity Bristol

Gravity Bristol is one of the more exclusive establishments in Bristol which is fully packed on the weekends. On Saturday nights they host their LUX event which features some of the best DJs in the business. The club also invites live music acts and has a midweek club night just for students. This is the perfect place to spend the night sipping drinks and having fun with your friends. It is best if you add your name to the guest list in advance because it gets full fast. Make sure you dress to impress because it is a fancy venue. You can also order bottle service and the server will give you the VIP treatment.

36) The Milk Thistle Bristol

Milk Thistle

The Milk Thistle Bristol is a four-story bar that is located in the heart of Bristol. The bar promises expertly mixed concoctions, unique decoration and the perfect addition to Bristol’s nightlife. The first floor of the bar has a quirky cozy bar with candles laid out. The second bar has dark oak wall panels and sophisticated furniture for a more posh environment. Lastly, the attic and the basement are available for private functions that can host bigger groups. Moreover, the bar also is filled with rabbit portraits, bookshelves and a non-pretentious crowd of people who enjoy spending money on unique and odd drinks. These drinks are also quite expensive. Lastly, the entrance age limit for customers is 18 and above.

37) Felson’s Bristol


Felson’s Bristol is a themed bar that takes inspiration from a fictional character, Fast Eddie Felson taken from the movie and book, The Hustler. The bar has quotes from the book and movie on the menu and all over the bar, along with pictures of the character himself. Furthermore, the pool tables present also are an attraction for most customers. Moreover, the cocktails in the bar are also very pretty and picture worthy, with interesting cocktail combinations such as butterscotch liqueur and popcorn syrup. Felson’s is perfect for a quick drink after work with coworkers and friends. Moreover, the drinks are also very affordable in nature. There is no specific dress code restriction. Lastly, for entrance in this club, one must be 18 or older.