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Church Cork, Guide & Review

Looking for an exciting nightclub at Cork City look no further than Church Cork in an unassuming location near Paul street just 20 metres off Patrick’s street. Church Cork is a comedy Club and late night venue and you will Ultimately develop intimacy. Here you are assured of an unmeasurable feeling of peace and tranquility. Church Cork is an imposing grey building with the glass panels a bit modern, bright and illuminating.

At Church Cork there is a peaceful atmosphere in the heart of the city where you can just sit and totally relax. The church itself is the Parish Church of Cork inner City and thus a magnificent sanctuary to pray in. A rarity these days and it’s worth experiencing even for non-Catholics.Here at Church Cork you are required to be in modest dress. This is a Catholic Church so out of respect for the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Tabernacle.

Church Cork is a beautifully kept church in a building that is well maintained. The Icon Our Lady of Perpetual Help on the left side Alter. Here the Icon is big and magnificent and a while modern in it’s setting, totally in keeping with the feel of the Church. The right side Altar is where the daily Latin Mass is celebrated, and notable is the Queen of Angels statue where people place photos and Prayer intentions. Totally beautiful surprise and worth stopping in for a few minutes of peace and quiet in the middle of the city. This is probably the most ‘soulful’ Church in Cork and you get an instant sense of calmness when you enter. Church Cork is a quiet place to take a moment to contemplate the Divine and light a candle. It is a moment’s respite in the busy city streets. Beautiful altar, one of many lovely Churches in Cork. Saturday nights are really amazing at Church Cork and you will really like to be associated with them. The priest and people face the Tabernacle on a Sunday at 12 noon. It is beyond doubt that it is nice to get away from the busy Streets.

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