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Club Carnaval Lubbock, Guide & Review

Club Carnaval is a Dance Club and NightClub located on Slaton Road in Lubbock, Texas. There is no specific dress code at this venue. Patrons are allowed to wear anything they seem happy wearing. You can dress casually in a T-Shirt and a pair of Jeans, or you could dress Smart Dress with classic shows or go for a party rocker attire. It is totally up to you to decide what to wear as entry at Club Carnaval is no issue based on the dress code.

The nightclub has a full-fledged bar present at the scene. This aspect takes care of the patrons’ drinking needs and demands. Customers are served with varieties of alcohol and drink specials depending on the theme and event night. The genre of music played at Club Carnaval has different influences. The major musical touches noted at this nightclub are a part of these hits: Latin Music, Hip Hop Music and Pop Music. Club Carnaval is open only two days a week. The lounge is closed for any bar or dance business on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Only on Fridays and Sundays the venue is open to the patrons, welcoming them to a night of fun, alcohol, dance and buzz. The operating hours for Club Carnaval are from 8:30 till 2 am. There have been varying reviews in positive and negative nature regarding Club Carnaval from the local community. The nightclub does not enjoy an exalted status from the local community or the visiting patrons. A few patrons have loved the nightlife experience at this nightclub, calling Club Carnaval “Great and I love it!” and “I like the vibe this is my favourite place”. The live bands and their musical performances are appreciated and enjoyed by the patrons.

On the other hand, there have been unhappy customers with the nightlife experience at this venue. The patrons have shown discomfort and shared that the venue area is very small, so it is hard to dance if the place gets traffic. At times, the sanitary conditions of the bathrooms at Club Carnaval have not been up to par. This aspect has been a major downer for a lot of the customers. Since the place is small and completely closed on occasions, it suffocates if anyone starts to smoke. The smoke clogs inside the club and ruins the nightlife experience.

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