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La Kumbia Lubbock, Guide & Review

La Kumbia is a Dance Club and Nightclub situated on Avenue Q in Lubbock, Texas. This nightclub has no strict dress code policy for its patrons. Patrons are free to choose their attire for a night of drinking and dancing. Inherently La Kumbia is a Latin nightclub. The venue has a full-fledged scene to cater for all drinking needs of the patrons. These needs could range from various types of alcohols, cocktails and drinks specials. The music played at this nightclub falls under the category of one major musical influence: Latin music. This Mexican themed Latin club is quite a cosy spot to visit. It provides an exciting and homey vibe with the lighting and the interior to the patrons. La Kumbia claims to have four DJs connected with the nightclub. These DJs provide the buzzing adrenaline to the nightlife experience. Covering various forms of Latin music, patrons dance and enjoy to their heart’s content. La Kumbia mostly faces positive feedback from the local community and the visiting patrons. This venue has been reported to be healthy, fun and a great place to dance. Keep an eye out for Fridays and Saturdays for La Kumbia’s musical group performances from 9 pm till 4 am. La Kumbia has good service, a friendly crowd and staff members with an exciting Latin music playlist. Patrons love the drink specials and the DJs who play the best tunes. If you wish to party, dance and drink at a Mexican-style Latin nightclub, then La Kumbia is your place. Bringing the electrifying experience with the music, the crowd follows up with energy and appreciation. This energy translates on the dance floor, making the night exciting for everyone at the nightclub. Some patrons have shared that La Kumbia is a peaceful place to have a good time and dance comfortably without any issues and problems. The staff has been commended for being helpful, polite and professionally attentive. The live shows are a major part of the attraction at La Kumbia. Local and out of city Latin bands perform at the nightclub. These performances add to the entertainment aspect for the patrons. Make sure to check out the nightclub’s Facebook page for regular updates on which groups will be performing that night. There has been one negative feedback case reported where bouncers were rude to an individual. Overall, La Kumbia is an exciting part of Lubbock’s nightlife experience.

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