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You can’t afford to miss having an awesome night out from Club Moscow. Nightclub in Moscow, Russia. Club Moscow is a multifunctional concert and club venue consisting of three different spaces, the main concert hall allow holding concerts, themed and night parties for up to 1200 people on the site. Moscow bars (up to 300 people) are well suited not only for concerts but also for parties. Moscow loft for small parties.

Great cocktails, fantastic venue which is neat and clean, awesome atmosphere, music rocks, comfortable sofas where you can sit beside the dance floor, stunning lighting, favourable drinks prices, large dance floor, nice interior, awesome place for concerts and private parties, amazing live performance, large dressing room and awesome acoustics. Large scale international and Russian music, festivals, secular events and in top nightclubs where live electronic music connoisseurs gather. The place is ideal for young people aged 18-23. The composition of participants at Halloween party is unusual, and very interesting for lovers of gothic, decadence, punk rock with guest punk. 

Dance the weekend at the Club Moscow with popular music, invigorating drinks and charming visitors. It’s advisable to get your event tickets early enough for better service from Club Moscow. There is a grand chance for a grand student to relax from serious lectures and conclusions, and immerse yourself in a fun cycle of vacation at Club Moscow. Dancing girls party the whole night at Club Moscow. Waiting for you! On Fridays, hot cocktails from Club Moscow bartenders will help release stress of everyday life and immerse yourself in the all night fun moments. Dear visitor, hot spots, drink half a bottle of good whiskey, and then go to the club. And everything will be super buzzing to you! What are you waiting for? Let’s go! See you later at Moscow Club.

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