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Brooklyn Promo Moscow, Guide & Review

Looking for a venue to submerge into music of all kinds, only at Brooklyn promo you will be able to hear the latest trending or throwbacks music from the best labels, producers, artists of different genres in one night. The play of light, sound and other effects help to create a special environment. That is what should be sought in the club Brooklyn  in Moscow. Here, time flies by, and all the everyday fuss is gone. Brooklyn Club is an atmosphere of freedom and a territory of good music.  A kind of bridge between the bustle of the metropolis and home comfort. 

On the first floor of the club there is a stage where you can often see popular stars. It collects not only rap artists, but also rock and many other styles. The stage has an unusual shape, but there is still enough space for the audience. You can also visit a bar with a long bar or a smoking room. On the second floor most often rise only the performers themselves. Special staircases are provided for them so that they can get into the upper room and prepare for the performance.

On the stage of the club are many famous personalities, a meeting with which visitors are waiting in advance. Many of them are constantly studying the poster of the institution, as it is rich in very interesting offers. The “brooklyn” club in Moscow allows you to get to the concerts of many popular artists and groups. Come visit Brooklyn club and be sure to find a place for you and your friends here due to the originality of the institution, excellent cuisine with specialties and signature drinks.

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