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SoloWay Karaoke & Dance Club Moscow, Guide & Review

You can’t resist but join Soloway Karaoke and Dance Club. Soloway Karaoke & Dance club is a new trendy dance karaoke venue. Every day there is a new entertainment program and the best hosts, trendy DJs and great sound! Soloway Karaoke & Dance club is one of the most convenient banquet venues where the most important Stars will be you and your guests! In Soloway Karaoke & Dance club creates a diverse atmosphere in five halls. The bar area with a long bar counter, trendy cocktails and performances by famous Dj’s is a favorite place for gatherings and dances of smart and cute girls from Moscow. Karaoke hall “Soloway” is designed for 90 guests, it is here that incendiary parties and performances of stars take place. The karaoke hall is equipped with 2 professional karaoke systems. 

At Soloway Karaoke & Dance Club you will find any song you want, and the Turbosound musical installation will surprise even the most sophisticated karaokers with the quality and depth of sound. In the velvet hall, you can enjoy a relaxed lounge atmosphere and live vocals, in the style of the legendary movie Blue Velvet.

Hall VIP 1 is divided into 4 separate seating areas and is designed for 4 companies for 4-6 people, or for a banquet of 20-25 people. Hall VIP 2 is a private area for a company of up to 12 people. Soloway Karaoke & Dance club – is a brand new fashion dance-karaoke-place, where different entertaining events take place every day! The best hosts, Fancy DJs and great sound! Open hours 7 days a week from 2100hrs to 0600 hours.

They end the week with a cocktail party, every Sunday with an awesome mix of drinks.  They collect the best dance mixes. The plan is great, let the feelings and create a creative mess. Attractive looks and atmosphere transmitted through the prism of gadgets. In the explosive mood of Friday, Saturday promises only bright events. @soloway club looks better than any solar panel. Charge yourself with solar energy and replicate your favourite tracks in the best sound. 

Soloway Karaoke and Dance Club rattles on all parameters with sound service and accuracy of perception of wishes of each one of you. Value in every move! The club is ready to share the full spectrum of feelings with you. The dance floor will definitely light up tonight.

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