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Cokobongo Tijuana, Guide & Review

Coko Bongo Club  is located in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. It’s an awesome place to dance while in Tijuana! People are friendly and apologetic when bumping into one another. Beer is always flowing and creates  just a general, pervasive feeling of happiness.

It’s a great club that plays awesome hip hop rap and current music with good Dj’s and great drinks. Be ready to dance till dawn. They also play reggaeton and electronic music mostly so if you are a fan of either of the music you shouldn’t miss it when you visit Tijuana. Besides good music they also got very fine women.

It’s good for bringing back memories of the post-high school summer.  Almost 10 years down the line, there haven’t been any changes made inside or out. They have amazing chilled cocktails that one can enjoy while listening to live music. Also have a comfy seating that one can relax sipping either of the varieties of drinks they offer from wine, alcohol and beer. It’s also recommendable for groups of people to enjoy the place.

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