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El Alebrije Tijuana, Guide & Review

El Alebrije Tijuana is one of the top rated dance and night clubs in Tijuana. It is most popularly known for singles. It’s a very nice club that has huge great interior screens and lighting. They have good services for upmarket, beer and wine.

The place was packed by high schoolers and college students mostly. The music here is rocking since they mostly play latin reggaeton and a mix of english dance beats as well. This club looks beautiful and awesome with beautiful chandeliers and also has a huge dance floor. It’s usually a lot of fun here. 

People that appear here mostly are well dressed like for ladies a dress and heels and shirts and jeans for gents. The atmosphere is calm, amazing and comfortable. El Alebrije is also good for group parties and also hosts events like birthdays. They also happen to have very nice cocktails from all sorts of affordability so just enough money will be right to visit the place. Not to forget the live music and dance.

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