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Colorado Club Rhodes, Guide & Review

Colorado Nightclub is the biggest world famous nightclub and entertainment center. Located close to the beach in Rhodes Town, at the bar street. Colorado Club has 3 diverse party sections and 2 dance floors for both entering the night and also dancing it away. The music varies on each floor, and the bartenders serve great tasting and cooling drinks all night long.

Live the night vibe at Colorado. Colorado Entertainment Mall runs for 38 years now under the same administration and name. A big amount of popular DJs and bands have performed on scene. Colorado attracts a mixture of people with a passion for fashion and music. Together they will create unforgettable party memories! People with passion for having a good time are in the right place.

Colorado Night Club features three different club styles so everyone can enjoy the club based on their interests! Colorado is divided into three halls, each focusing on a different musical style. One is an ultra-modern club dedicated to live performances by Greek and international artists.

The other two smaller ones focus on electronic music and black music. Many consider the Colorado Club the best dance club in Rhodes. This is a huge club that is considered the most popular in the city and is a favorite for young people visiting the city.

Every summer, the best DJs in the world come here. Most of the partygoers note the excellent atmosphere in the club and tell about the turbulent parties and the thrills that are going on there. The club is located on Orfanidou Street, which is Rhodes Bar and Pub Street, where much of the city’s entertainment and nightlife hubs are concentrated.

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