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Grabbarna Grus Rhodes, Guide & Review

The Grabbarna Grus is one of the largest clubs on Rhodes Bar Street and has Swedish and Norwegian staff. Each week the Grabbarna Grus organizes different theme parties with three hours of free bar. Some theme parties that are organized are ladies night and traffic light party. A ticket costs around 35 euros and gives you three hours of free bar with different party toys. The guys Gravel is at one end of the bar street and it is a matter of course to party here one of the evenings.

Grabbarna Grus Beach Club is the largest Scandinavian nightclub in Rhodes. The guys Grus Beach Club in Rhodes is Nordic Invasion’s closest partner. The club is known for having popular staff who offers the best possible party and party every night. At the Grabbarna Grus in Rhodes, Scandinavian youths party every night until the sun rises again. Every week, the Grabbarna Grus Beach Club, together with Nordic Invasion, organizes several popular events. The club splits up at 2. The girls are part of the club and the rest are the guys. With female and male stripes, the evening flies in a sea of ​​games, champagne and also 2 hours free bar for everyone with Nordic Invasion’s Stora-VIP package.

Traffic Light Party: Red, Yellow or Green- What marital status are you? With face painting, free T-shirts in different colors and a variety of games/competitions, it will be an unforgettable evening. Also included here is a 2 hour free bar with Nordic Invasions Stora-VIP package. The Grabbarna Grus is the only organizer of bar rounds in Rhodes. In a unified group, the bar round basically takes over the entire Rhodes bar street. Games, competitions, shots, jerseys and discounted prices are offered at the bars.

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