Crescent Ballroom Phoenix

Crescent Ballroom Phoenix


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Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, Guide & Review

A concoction of three most beautiful and awe-inspiring venues is Crescent Ballroom. One is the middle-sized venue for music that has a capacity of 550 individuals in a given time. This music venue plays live music every day and has established its name as one of the best music spots in Downtown Phoenix. Added to the music venue, there is a lounge that also extends the full services of the bar. This lounge opens daily and serves drinks and food until midnight all the seven days of the week. The last but not the least venue is the kitchen, known as Cocina 10. Cocina 10 prides itself in serving the most paramount and gastronomic Arizona cooking with vegetarian recipes and homemade options.

Located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, Crescent Ballroom is one of a small and handful spots in the town where you will get to see the big-name acts as well as the up-and-coming musical bands. This candlelit and industrial setting is arguably the most favorite venue with music lovers and hipsters. Its patio and small bar are always open to visitors even when its main room is organizing and presenting a show. Charlie Levy’s most stylish and chic nightspot is Crescent Ballroom and the venue has already earned an esoteric and exalted aura amongst both hipsters and music fans alike. All the credit goes to its many arrangements and amenities, which are geared towards the partygoers as well as its posh and lavish atmosphere with an extraordinary lineup of one of a kind nightly shows.

Crescent Ballroom has all the entertainment aspects for which the music devotees and food maniacs watch out for! Give Crescent Ballroom a try at your earliest! Rate this venue on your own! This venue will arguably become one of the most visited places by you – It is the safest bet!

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