Daytona Beach Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Welcome to Daytona Beach’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Daytona Beach. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid-back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


One of the famous cities of Florida, United States, Daytona Beach takes over nearly 51 miles to the northeast of Orlando, 265 miles to the northwest of Miami, and 86 miles to the southeast of Jacksonville. More often than not, the city is known for its seashore, wherein the hard-packed sand facilitates vehicles to drive through the beaches in the restricted zone. The abundance of breezy air and funny things welcome visitors to feel the ambiance and share a vibe of glossy sunshine. 

Notably, the city acquires 168 square km, out of which 16 sq. km is water, and the land surrounds within 152 sq. km. It fragments into two by Halifax River lagoons and resides on the Atlantic Ocean. This city has humid subtropical weather, typical of the South Atlantic and Gulf states. Mainly, there are two seasons in Daytona Beach; namely, the wetter, warmer season occurs in late May through October. The drier, more open season takes place in November through April. 

When we talk about the living standard, the city ranks as 69th among the best places to live and 15th as the safest place. Here, fishing is the popular pastime, and the lifestyle is as breezy as sunshine in the sky. But, did you know about the city’s nightlife? Have you ever thought about it? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here we break down some of the nitty-gritty things to do in the city. Have a look! 

Nightlife in Daytona Beach 

The nightlife at Daytona Beach is full-on zing with a pinch of brew pubbing, dancing, and a little pool hustling. If you’re on the verge of feeling the cozy vibes, this place offers you a lot of festivities, filled with more fun and merriment. You can savor and sip the essence of the city at the wine bar and a beer brewery. You can find tons of happenings at Ponce inlet, Seabreeze Boulevard, International Speedway Boulevard, and Ormond Beach. You can undergo many adventure sites, glorious beaches, and a wild array of eclectic and fun cultural activities right here. What’s more, you can explore a platter of fabulous nightlife that fills your evening up to the hilt. Let’s explore the rejoice place and give yourself a chance to unlock the doorways of breezy surroundings.  

Best Locations for Nightlife in Daytona Beach 

Stretch with over 23 miles on white-sand beaches, Daytona Beach is open, comprehensive, and having fun-filled surroundings. Likewise, the nightlife offers you to relish into outdoor activities, discover parks, bike or hike miles of trails and hit the golf links. At the fantastic locations, you can savor the local aroma from casual buffets to harbor dining. Along with eatery tang, the places provide a glossy opportunity to undergo the essence of traditional arts, history, and culture. So, if you’re ready to unlock the gateways of blowy vibrations, let’s confer a couple of mind-boggling places that doesn’t cease to amaze your eyeballs.            

  • 509 Lounge 

The backdrop in and outside the bar provides an inch-perfect setting to relax, calm down and be the onlooker on a massive projector. Moreover, it renders a razzle-dazzle outside seating bar and area dotted with fun-loving and phenomenal nightlife. Over the years, it turns out to be a far-fetched hub spot that is commendable to spend leisure time with your loved ones and your close colleagues. Here, you will provide exceptional bottle service, an outdoor patio, and a highlight of sea breeze nightlife right up to the collar. As much as the catering and staff services, it is perhaps admirable, generous and possesses a quality of munificent outlook. Explore the place now and get an insight into awe-inspiring events.   

  • Sky Lounge 

The relaxing place, the sky lounge, is illustrious for offering mouth-watering food and a beautiful place to put your feet up after a long hike around the area of the community United Methodist church. In addition, you can find a high-quality of good beer and Spanish cuisine that cherishes you to touch the flavors again. You can have delicious dishes like cheese, soup, pork, bacon, seafood, pies, sandwiches, and a lot more. Its sparkling features have a stunning view, cozy atmosphere, outdoor seating, and consistently delivers hassle-free food delivery, breakfast, wedding, and birthday party. So, let’s set your day and have a break in a splendid night place.                

  • Main Street Station 

At the heart of Daytona Beach, the 316 Main street station has several sought-after vacation spots to carry out NASCAR races, Bike Week, Spring break, and Bikertoberfest. Here, you can seek out the outside nightlife amusement at the famous biker-themed night union. Located next to the Boot hill saloon, the Main street station considers as a chronological milestone since 1934. This nightlife place features open-air two-full bars, nightly special live music, plenty and visible car and bike parking, dancing, free WI-FI, live video web-streaming, and the cleanest and biggest restrooms providers. 

Best Bars of Daytona Beach

Located at the East coast of Florida, Daytona Beach has first-class dives and idyllic biker bars and pubs. The bars are something that feels like a million bucks and rejoice in the experience of spending spare time with loved ones and your comrades. By and large, the bar panorama in Daytona Beach is an amalgamation of classy watering holes and eye-popping pubs. Whether you’re pondering for diverse crafted brews, signature martinis, canned domestic, or rum, these bars will get you covered in every nook and corner. If you have a yen to splurge relaxing time for a moment, these bars offer you a unique feel. Have a look & Buckle them up: 

  • The Oyster Pub

To be found in Daytona Beach, the oyster pub serves a myriad of locals and tourists for 40 years. It opened in 1979 and has dished up the quality of buffets since then. Mainly, its located at the center of Daytona Beach, which is renowned as Seabreeze Blvd. It offers you one of the rejoice environments that jazz up to enjoy the sports and food with a touch of warm composure. Here, you can seamlessly experience beyond just a bar. You can sense incredible oyster selections, 70+ TV screens of best sports, pub grub, and get a savor of great burgers. They also provide seating options and an arcade room to entertain family guests along with your beloved kids. If you’re fascinated to touches the refreshing vibes, then this place will soothe you the most.  

  • Boot Hill Saloon 

Are you a biker wannabe and are looking for a hub spot to ignite your thirst for a biker racer? Then, stop pondering and heads-off to the classic place of Boot hill Saloon at once. It is known as a must-visit for those who have a yen to attend Bike week. Here, the biker saloons had a big band, and all the items are positioned at the walls that keep you starring for long hours. Staff members are pretty benevolent, and the drinks are available at reasonable rates that don’t dig a hole into your pocket. Over 30 years, Boot hill Saloon seems as the one-in-a-million place for having lunches, beverages, and munchies. Experience the ambiance of the pub. You’ll love to visit over and over.      

  • Dirty Harry’s Pub & Package 

The cozy pub with a nightspot milieu, Dirty Harry’s Pub, is located at 700 blocks, Main street in the mid of Daytona Beach. It is a home of popular “bike week” and often, similar to “Biketoberfest.” There is a cozy pub inside and outside, and it transforms a parking area into a vast mass party during the significant events for live contests and bands. As far as the staff is concern, the patrons and members are committed to providing a safe and sound pub environment. The personnel are more heedful and diligently organize the things following the approval of the state, local, and federal health authorities. So hit the second thoughts behind and cherished the place to chuff to bits.    

  • Ocean Deck 

The breathtaking bar of Ocean Deck offers lip-smacking dishes and a fun-loving milieu to undergo a sense of delightful atmosphere and great music. While taking a seat at the window, it gives a sight of blue wave oceans, thereby providing a fantastic view. Here, the waitresses are amiable, serving your favorite dishes in an elegant and organized manner that goes beyond your prospects. In addition, the bar offers impressive desserts that you would like to recommend to others, from savory dishes to sweet dishes. The entire bar atmosphere is commonly sporty and provides a pretty significant catalyst of salads, steak, burgers, and seafood. So look no more, spend a great time here, and get relished your inner vibes.         

  • The Bank & Blues Club

Quite nearly to Main Street, you can find the Bank & Blues Club at the 700 blocks at the heart of Daytona Beach. It is known to be the home of various festivals and events every year. Alongside, it rests only a short walk from the Peabody Auditorium and the Ocean Centre. One of the most sought-after spots throughout the Bike week, the bar offers a fast service with decent and chilly drinks. Adding further to its features, The Bank & Blues Club is an excellent site for arranging concerts and setting the milieu for intimate music. One more thing to bring into your mind is to have dinner before you depart. This venue has a perfect size wherein everyone is seated comfortably with ease and cherishes. So get a chance to unbolt the doorways head to the Bank & Blues Club.       

Live Music Bars in Daytona Beach 

Taking about music and amusement, Daytona Beach provides an array of options far-fetched. From top-notch live performances to local bands executing at the nook of a pub, the music bars have got you covered in all aspects. When you’re on a calming beach break, nothing can keep you quiet to hear the charming music, along with taking a cup of cold beverage in hand. Wondering to know the exquisite music bars? Well, take a glance and read them on:

  • Mai Tai Bar

The lively musical saloon of Mai Tai Bar is located at the 250 North Atlantic Avenue of Daytona Beach. Nuzzled back at the Ocean walk Shoppes, the Mai Tai Bar facilitates visitors to enjoy exceptional live music, razzle-dazzle ocean landscapes, and happy hour events. 

Available Time: Daily    

  • LandShark Bar & Grill Daytona Beach 

To feel the incredible musical senses, you can head towards LandShark Bar& Grill Daytona Beach. You can find the bar at 471 South Atlantic Avenue of Daytona Beach. Somewhere the music starts at 5 o’clock; you can undergo the ever relaxing and enjoying vibes and serving cold drinks with supper. Nine times out of ten, lively music happens here, and the amusement wouldn’t expect to stop it there. Grab an opportunity. Steal the best deals and enjoy the rejoicing atmosphere with your closed ones.   

Available Time: Most Days. 

  • Sloppy Joe’s Restaurant & Bar 

Situated at 250 North Atlantic Avenue in Daytona Beach, it offers you the best experience to savor theEast Coast’s zing of hot and tropical drinks. If you’re an eager-beaver of little local music, then soak yourself to the fantastic place of Sloppy Joe’s Bar, wherein hot snacks and chilly beverages are offered during summer nights.  

Available Time: Most Friday’s and Saturday’s   


Whether you’re longing for delectable dishes, chilly drinks, or in a mood to kick back in an exotic environment, Daytona Beach has it all to take you from ordinary to extraordinary. The city is proud of having safe surroundings with high-quality drinking water. In addition, it has a plethora of tourist destinations and hub spots that reflect a razzle-dazzle experience. Boast with super-duper resorts, speedway, thrill rides, and holistic attractions. As a result, the city renders a bizarre opportunity to feel a fun-friendly atmosphere.    

Apart from being the favorite visitor spot, it considers as the splendiferous site that glimpses you the eternal vibes. So, don’t miss the opportunity. Experience the city now.