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Downtown on Hindley Adelaide


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Downtown on Hindley Adelaide, Guide & Review

Downtown On Hindley, formerly known as XL Superclub, is located on the east side of Hindley Street. Downtown’s previous name and appearance made it one of the city’s most popular – if not the most popular – R&B clubs, and with a fresh new style, it has lived up to the expectations in the last year.

With a greater blend of new and vintage dance tunes than its predecessor, the club caters mostly to an urban crowd. They frequently bring in exceptional guest acts from the noughties who draw sellout crowds, making them ideal for anyone eager to dance the night away. Because it is likely to gather a throng in the early hours, it is advisable to come before 11 p.m. and dressed perfectly.

Downtown On Hindley is the newest and most exciting addition to Adelaide’s Hindley Street. We’re your one-stop shop for the city’s largest and best night out. Located on Hindley Street’s east end, just a few feet from your favorite food sellers and one minute from Adelaide Metro tram and bus stops. You’ll enjoy the perfect night at Downtown On Hindley, with your favorite music from some of Australia’s best artists.

Downtown On Hindley is a live band theatre, nightclub, and cafe at a superb location on Hindley Street’s east end. Adelaide’s main entertainment venue is Downtown On Hindley.

Multiple floors with 7 bars, including a rooftop garden patio, arcade area with a variety of games, and our main area with the city’s largest video screen. On Friday and Saturday nights, our Nightclub is open until 5 a.m., and our Diner is open for lunch and dinner.

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