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Red Square Adelaide, Guide & Review

Welcome to Red Square, Adelaide‘s premier nightlife destination. Red Square, located in the city’s West End, has retained its status as the premier nighttime entertainment thanks to recent renovations that have assured a current, modern design.
You can hear some of Australia’s top resident DJs at Red Square, and the club is also known for hosting some of the world’s most recognized DJs on a regular basis.Red Square personnel ensures fantastic dance nights by always thinking ‘outside the square,’ and as Adelaide’s longest-running nightclub, their strategy works.

Red Square, which often attracts a large number of young people, is ideal for those who want to get down on the dance floor. It is known to be very packed, especially on Saturday evenings, with line-ups around the corner by 10 p.m. It has two major rooms — dance in the front and R&B in the rear – and is known to be quite packed. Red Square is known for bringing in some well-known special guests, and has recently hosted Denzal Park, Peking Duk, and Rob Pix. Though Reds may not be the best spot to ‘socialize’ with friends (the music is quite loud), you will discover that people want to party all night, with the bar frequently remaining up until 7 a.m. (the “Reds close”). Identity scanners and pictures are required upon admission, as well as a rigorous dress code prohibiting open shoes and exposed tattoos, so come dressed to impress! Red Square attracts a youthful audience and offers an enticing vibe that will ensure you have a good time.

Red Square jumped on the pop-up bar bandwagon in April, refurbishing the Front Bar, Gaming Room, and Smoking Area to become Brew & Chew, an American-style small bar and gourmet fast food restaurant that serves craft beers and ciders as well as Americana-style cuisine like burgers and hot dogs.

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