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Duffy’s Tavern Lincoln, Guide & Review

Duffy’s Tavern is a brick-and-mortar nightclub with backyard billiards, pouring great fishbowl drinks, and hosting live bands. It is easily located in the heart of Downtown Lincoln and is found anywhere in the City. This nightclub has been a strong sponsor of local/national tourism talent for many years and will continue to do so. Duffy’s Tavern hosts live events such as Nirvana, Flaming Lips, 311, Wesley Willis, Soundgarden, etc. Duffy also hosts real music every Wednesday and Sunday, as well as live jokes on Monday nights. You can join them for a fun hour and special night offers, along with various weekly calendars. Duffy’s Tavern is ready to host special events like wedding parties, bachelor parties, and birthday activities.

Whether you know them as Fishbowl Home, your favourite place for one of the best live music, spacious dancefloor, a special event celebration, or just a bar, they will welcome you to join. Whether at the bar or outside on the fire, they will make sure you will have a great time. It is known for many things, but truth be told, it is a place of music. Many world acts have graced their stage, including Nirvana, 311, Bright Eyes, Boss Martians, Slobberbone, Wesley Willis, and many more. Most think some of the local acts are the best, and on any Sunday or Wednesday night, you can be sure that Duffy’s stage will be jumping on one of the best real music. Every Monday night, the comedy. On Tuesday, you can expect to find a tall boy for a lot of money. Whether it’s an evening or an event, they will welcome you to enjoy the friendly staff and the fun atmosphere of Duffy’s Tavern.

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