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The Royal Grove Lincoln, Guide & Review

For almost 80 years, the Royal Grove nightclub has hosted live and entertainment music events with local and national talent. Nebraska Rock’n’ Roll Hall of Famer Tommy Jelsma and his family built the club as one of the highlights of the Midwest.

The club has hosted thousands of concerts over the years until it closed in 2005 to become a national music venue. After a few patents and name changes, the historic Royal Grove reopened in January 2018 with its old-school attractions and modern developments. Our team is committed to showcasing world-class talent and providing our guests with a memorable experience – all in recognition of the area’s rich history and culture.

And they have private rooms for private dancers. So if you are looking forward to enjoying lap dancing, pack your bags and get ready for a visit. The bar is impressive, and you’ll find it open all night from 8 pm.

Located just 3 minutes north of downtown Lincoln, Royal Grove has up to 400 seats and a combined seating capacity of 1000. Royal Grove offers a flexible, multi-purpose space that can be changed. To fit any theme with our Concert Hall & Stage, a dance floor, Tiki Room and Tiki bar, second-floor bar, balcony, and fully enclosed outdoor terrace. In total, the area has three two-story bars with four different entertainment venues.

That legacy continues today as Royal Grove remains independent and local while it hosts world-renowned talent on its stage – all in line with the old school noise accompanying the past. Since 1967, Royal Grove has had a vibe of the old 60s / 70s school in its current location with high acoustics and visual lines.

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