EDM Clubs in Abu Dhabi

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Are you on the lookout for the most poppin’ EDM clubs in Abu Dhabi?

Then we have you covered!

On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best EDM clubs in Abu Dhabi. (More in-depth further below)

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Imagine a nightclub with flashing lights, refreshing cocktails, a bass-heavy playlist, and an energetic crowd. These are the types of EDM nightclubs you will find in Abu Dhabi and on our list here. The places run on happiness and good vibes. You will not experience one moment of boredom when you are under the roof because there is always something happening. The music is so catchy and loud that it will drown out all your thoughts. You can destress after a tough week and use our dancefloor to lower your cortisol levels and release the good chemicals in your brain.     

1. MAD on Yas Island

MAD sets the bar high for all other nightclubs in the city. They host many events, entertainment shows, themed parties and frequently invite the biggest names in the music industry. You will feel right at home because of the hospitable and welcoming nature of the club. Make sure you are dressed to the nines in your high-heels and swanky tailored shirts because this is the place to be for trendsetters.

2. Onyx Club

Onyx is a great place for people to get together. They offer VIP tables and bottle service as well. The club has an elegant interior but that does not mean it is boring. Things get pretty wild at the venue so make sure you leave all your inhibitions at home.

3. Legends Nightclub

Legends is very popular with Emiratis as well and people can come in and have dinner at the hotel restaurant before they start the party. The venue hosts a full bar but you can also order a sheesha if you are in the mood for something more. The club stays true to its Arabic roots and regularly hosts nights where they feature the latest local music.

4. The Exchange

The Exchange is located in the heart of the Abu Dhabi tourist area. It has survived the competition and built its own loyal fanbase. The club is located inside the Le Meridien hostel and is more intimate than the other venues in the city. You can have a nice night out with your guys and girls and enjoy your time on the dance floor.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. A roundup of all the Electronic Dance Music clubs in Abu Dhabi. These are the type of places the Emirati locals and tourists from around the world convene to find like-minded individuals. You can discover new music, promote local talent and enjoy a much needed drink in any of these establishments. These are places where old friends get together, and new lovers meet. You will be drowning out all your fears and opening up to new experiences at the best EDM night clubs in Abu Dhabi.