Hip Hop Clubs in Abu Dhabi

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Are you on the lookout for the most poppin’ Hip Hop clubs in Abu Dhabi?

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip hop clubs in Abu Dhabi. (More in-depth further below)

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Abu Dhabi is a city brimming with life and diversity. Like all other cities with a desert climate, this one also cools down after sunset, which explains the boisterous night life. You can find a space to go relax, have drinks and dance the night away. Hip hop is one of the more popular music genres in AD. The fast beat and sensual lyrics fuel the fire and make the dance floor an exciting place to be. If you are looking for a venue that will hit the right spot in terms of music and vibe then this is the list you were looking for. We have compiled the 5 best Hip hop clubs in Abu Dhabi just for you.

1. Blue Marlin

At Blue Marlin clubbers are greeted by alluring music and the symphony notes characteristic to Ibiza. The club architectural design is a masterpiece. A clear view of the beach and white canopies contrasting the blue waters are great for putting you in the mood. The wood used to accentuate the exterior also hints at the Mediterranean origins of the club. Blue Marlin has a menu full of delicacies prepared by their talented chefs. You can getaway from your busy life and grab a quick bite before you hit the dance floor.

2. MAD on Yas Island

MAD sets the bar high for all other nightclubs in the city. They host many events, entertainment shows, themed parties and frequently invite the biggest names in the music industry. You will feel right at home because of the hospitable and welcoming nature of the club. Make sure you are dressed to the nines in your high-heels and swanky tailored shirts because this is the place to be for trendsetters.

3. Hysteria

Hysteria is the ultimate party destination offers stunning views of the Abu Dhabi coast and it is one of the best venues in the capital city. You will hear upbeat tracks, be amazed  by their ambitious light shows and meet amazing new people at this place. It will not be a night you can easily forget. There is a lounge space for cooling off when your body needs a break and their bartenders can fix you a drink of your choice while you rest.

4. The Exchange

The Exchange is located in the heart of the Abu Dhabi tourist area. It has survived the competition and built its own loyal fanbase. The club is located inside the Le Meridien hostel and is more intimate than the other venues in the city. You can have a nice night out with your guys and girls and enjoy your time on the dance floor.

5. Onyx Club

Onyx is a great place for people to get together. They offer VIP tables and bottle service as well. The club has an elegant interior but that does not mean it is boring. Things get pretty wild at the venue so make sure you leave all your inhibitions at home.

In Conclusion

In the list of top hip hop clubs, there are some that stand out and we have listed them here. Each of them are classy establishments which serve drinks and host themed nights several nights a week. The DJs at the club are known for their fresh jams and you can have a memorable experience there. Whether you are with a group of friends or alone, the clubs will be the perfect mood lifter. Wear your best dress, put on a smile and who knows you might even meet someone special while you are grooving on the dance floor.