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El Paso EDM NightClubs are the way to go! EDM is the most popular dance music in El Paso. At El Paso Nightclubs, there has been some sporadic incorporation of techno with EDM, rap, and numerous other musical influences. In terms of EDM impact and music, El Paso has some crazy local talent. We will take you to the top EDM nightclub performances. If you’re looking for DJs that will enhance your morale, adrenaline, and visual experience, here is the guide for you! Some of the best local DJs who have actively contributed to the EDM scene in El Paso are Elliphant, LiquidGroove, Manuel Luna, GreyShade, Mercenary, RayDub, Nu Fjord, BulletProofTiger, and SystemA. EDM nightclubs in El Paso include spectacular lighting, graphics, and production that attracts individuals looking for their favorite electronic dance music feelings. We’ve highlighted our top recommendations for you. These clubs feature EDM music and provide a tactile experience in addition to adrenaline!

EPIC El Paso 

El Paso has a buzzing LGBTQ+ nightlife. EPIC is a Bar and Nightclub located in El Paso on Stanton Street. This place is a safe space and a fun place for every identity, and it claims itself as an LGBTQ+ club. There is no specific dress code to allow entry at EPIC. Patrons are free to wear anything, from casual to theme costumes to formal clothing. There are many events hosted at EPIC, so the dress code and the participatory wear are shared on the updated Facebook page of the Club.

EPIC prides itself in being a Bar, so alcohol is expertise among the services offered by the Club. This Nightclub hits the pride district and contributes a lively and high-energy atmosphere with great drink specials. Electronic Dance Music, Pop, and Rock are covered in the music played at EPIC. Artists like Enrique Iglesias have performed here at the Club for an exciting and memorable night experience for the patrons. The food served here at the Club falls under the category of Mexican food.

Briar Patch El Paso

Briar Patch is a Bar and Nightclub located in El Paso on the same block as EPIC. This Club is located on Stanton Street. Briar Patch is also known as Briar Patch/Hyde Patio Bar. This venue celebrated the Gay Nightlife experience and is open to all persons and identities. The dress code of entry is not an obligation at this venue. Patrons are free to wear anything from their favorite and comfortable dressings. The alcohol at this Club is provided with friendly service and mood. Briar Patch has an outdoor bar which adds a natural feel to the clubbing experience. The most played music at this venue falls under Electronic Dance Music and different variants of it. Briar Patch is a relaxed place with a vibe of comfort and warmth. It is also a convivial Gay hangout that contributes to the buzzing queer nightlife in El Paso. Among the entertainment services offered at Briar Patch, the vital ones are a pool table, a dance floor, and the patio which holds the outdoor bar. Briar Patch is located in the heart of downtown and Pride Square.

Little Bit of Texas El Paso

Little Bit of Texas is a Country Dance Club located in El Paso on Doniphan and Red Road. The dress code at this Nightclub is not obligatory. You are free to wear your favorite casual or fancy attire. Little Bit of Texas has a bar that provides alcoholic drinks and beer to its guests. The kind of music played at Little Bit of Texas falls under Rock, Country, and Electronic Dance Music. They serve Texas-themed food, a smoking patio, a Jukebox, and TVs all around. The place is famous for the free line dancing and has a relatively large dance floor. The locals call it the “Lil Bit” and billed it as “El Paso’s #1 Hot Spot for NightLife”. It also has a friendly vibe and a great atmosphere to party with friends. The bar has all sorts of varieties available and has skilled bartenders who make excellent drinks. The staff is overall friendly but sometimes has some problems that are dealt with immediately. The cleanliness of the dance floor and washroom floors are commendable and tidy. The crowd is decent, and there are no unpleasant experiences due to restricted dancing (no grinding, twerking). The drinks are available for a low price with excellent quality, and an assortment of different types of beverages are available for all kinds of drinkers and beer lovers. People who are 18 and older are allowed into the Nightclub.

Touch El Paso 

Touch is a Bar and Nightclub located in El Paso. This place is one of the best El Paso has to offer for an LGBT nightlife experience. The dress code at Touch is not enforced. The visitors, guests, and patrons are free to wear anything of their choice – other than the nude. It could be anything including casual, fancy, fashionable, high end or rough wear. At Touch, alcohol services are taken care of well. There is a full-fledged bar available at the premises. Alcoholic beverages, whiskey, and special drinks are offered to the patrons. When it comes to music, Touch plays an abundance of music that falls under Electronic Dance Music. Touch is also referred to as the premier nightlife entertainment destination by the locals in El Paso. The drag shows are one of the best in the whole Southwest hosted at Touch. On every Sunday, the patrons are offered a Las Vegas Style Drag Brunch.

Rave’s Club El Paso

Rave’s Club is a Bar, Grill, and Nightclub located in El Paso. The dress code at Rave’s Club is smart casual and anything that falls under a clubbing outfit. This venue has a full-fledged bar to sate its patrons’ alcohol needs. The bar provides a variety of alcoholic drinks and specialty drinks as well. The music played at Rave’s Club falls under the categories of Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music. If you feel like finding lovely places to dance is hard, then Rave’s Club is the answer. This Nightclub offers an alternative to the other lackluster clubs. Whether you are coming in to meet new people or with a group of friends, the clubbing experience at Rave’s Club marks an unforgettable experience for its patrons. Rave’s Club is one of the best places to dance in El Paso. This place is sparkling clear with a modern layout that invites excitement and entertainment. Fresh food is available for the patrons on the spot, accompanied by delicious drinks. Top-notch DJs are an integral part of the Rave’s Club experience. Live performances instill a wave of energy and euphoria, and local acts contribute to Rave’s Club’s entertainment. This Nightclub proudly recommends its juicy burger available at the bar.

Tequilas Discoteque El Paso

Tequilas Discoteque is a Dance Club and a Nightclub located on Pendale Road in El Paso, Texas. This venue contributes to the Latin nightclub scene in El Paso. The dress code at Tequilas Discoteque is considered to be Casual and Dress Casual to impress. Wear what you feel the most confidence in for a clubbing experience at Tequilas Discoteque. At this Nightclub, alcohol, beer, and special drinks are available for the patrons. Tequilas Discoteque plays a playlist of music that falls under the following genres: Latin and Electronic Dance Music. This place is open only for a crowd that is older than 18. There are takeaway and delivery services offered from the Club to outside the premises. Tequilas Discoteque is available to the community six days a week. It is closed on Sundays and is operational between 1 pm and 7 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The nightlife experience at Tequilas Discoteque happens on Fridays and Saturdays. On these both days, the Nightclub is active from 1 pm till 2 am. The VIP bottle service enhances the experience at Tequilas Discoteque.

La Mina Bar & Nightclub El Paso

La Mina is a Mexican Bar, Dance Club, Night Club, Live Music Venue situated on Palm Street in El Paso, Texas. The dress code to permit entry in the Club falls under Dress-Casual and Smart Casual. There is a full-fledged bar available at the premises to cater to all the drinking needs of the patrons. The type of music played at La Mina falls under these genres: Latin, Pop, and Electronic Dance Music. This place is a gracious host to many live music events providing an amply spaced venue for such an event. Remember that La Mina is not a restaurant but a bar with some snacks available. Dine-in option is available for the patrons with seating provided at the Nightclub. La Mina does not offer any delivery services for their snacks or alcohol outside the premises of the Club. One of the critical standpoints of La Mina is that it is one of the few successful Mexican night clubs in El Paso. This Nightclub offers a great atmosphere with lighting and a dazzling dance floor. The dance floor is ample for a crowd.

La Mina is open six days a week, and it is closed on Mondays. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the Club opens up at 3 pm and closes at midnight. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, the Club is operational between 3 pm and 2 am. Only on Sundays does the Club open up at 4 pm and then close at midnight. La Mina hosts a lot of regular events hosting local Latin Bands, Performers, and DJs. Make sure to check out the La Mina Bar and Nightclub Facebook page for regular updates.

Fountain of  Youth Lounge El Paso

Fountain of  Youth is a Dance Club, Night Club, Sports Bar, and Lounge located on Pebble Hills Boulevard in El Paso, Texas. The dress code to be followed at this Nightclub is Dress Casual. You are free to wear clubbing attire as well to have a fun night of dancing and drinking. Fountain of Youth Lounge has a full-fledged cocktail bar that covers a variety of alcoholic drinks, beer, special drinks, and cocktails for the patrons. The type of music played at this Nightclub falls under these genres: Latin, Pop, Rock, and Electronic Dance Music.

The drink specials provided by the bar are ideal for an East Side location venue. Fountain of Youth Lounge is a well-maintained, clean place with clean restrooms despite much traffic. This place is considered a chill spot which hosts local artists by the local community. The Nightclub has a friendly atmosphere, with bartenders taking care of patrons well. The crucial success factors of Fountain of Youth Lounge include Relaxing Sofas, a Romantic Setting, an available patio, and great managers. This Nightclub is one of the best places in town to have a fun night. If you’re an individual or a group of friends, then feel free to visit Fountain of Youth Lounge for a friendly, exciting, and memorable experience. The ambiance at the Nightclub is quite classy, with a great music playlist and drink specials.


El Paso’s EDM clubs are thriving! EDM is, without a doubt, the most popular genre in El Paso clubs. No one can get enough of the electronic wave and progressive tunes from casual bar services to sophisticated formal nightclubs! Fountain of Youth Lounge, Touch Bar El Paso, and The Briar Patch/Hyde Patio Bar are open seven days a week and offer great bar and nightclub services to their customers! Touch Bar El Paso and Briar Patch Hyde Patio Bar contribute to the EDM scene by catering to all kinds of crowds, incredibly Gay and LGBTQ+ identities. Touch Bar El Paso is one of the most popular clubs in town, and the DJ’s playlist is reasonably diversified, including EDM, which attracts a wide range of people! Fountain of Youth is the most fashionable nightclub of them all, and it deserves to be recognized for its semi-formal and formal nightlife EDM experience! Rave’s Club plays EDM tracks regularly because the crowd loves them!

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