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Gay and LGBT Night Clubs in El Paso have a growing influence and passion for partying. Head over to Stanton Street to experience the bloom and glow of the Gay and LGBT Nightclubs in El Paso. It is full of vibrant venues that offer safe spaces to be yourself and contribute to the culture of brilliant Gay and LGBT bars, nightclubs, and lifestyles. It’s safe to say that El Paso has quite a bit to offer its visitors of Gay and LGBT Night Clubs. With the exciting gay nightlife, it is not a surprise that many Gay, Lesbian and LGBT-friendly people travel and make their way towards El Paso. The Gay Nightclubs and their bars add a sizzling excitement and a cultural vibe to the surrounding areas and their vicinity. There is an array of entertainment these nightclubs have to offer. From super cool and glam-filled nightclubs to events that focus on cabaret and drag performers, it is an excitable experience!

EPIC El Paso 

El Paso has a buzzing LGBTQ+ nightlife. EPIC is a Bar and Nightclub located in El Paso on Stanton Street. This place is a safe space and a fun place for every identity, and it claims itself as an LGBTQ+ club. There is no specific dress code to allow entry at EPIC. Patrons are free to wear anything, from casual to theme costumes to formal clothing. There are many events hosted at EPIC, so the dress code and the participatory wear are shared on the updated Facebook page of the Club.

EPIC prides itself in being a Bar, so alcohol is expertise among the services offered by the Club. This Nightclub hits the pride district and contributes a lively and high-energy atmosphere with great drink specials. Electronic Dance Music, Pop, and Rock are covered in the music played at EPIC. Artists like Enrique Iglesias have performed here at the Club for an exciting and memorable night experience for the patrons. The food served here at the Club falls under the category of Mexican food.

Briar Patch El Paso

Briar Patch is a Bar and Nightclub located in El Paso on the same block as EPIC. This Club is located on Stanton Street. Briar Patch is also known as Briar Patch/Hyde Patio Bar. This venue celebrated the Gay Nightlife experience and is open to all persons and identities. The dress code of entry is not an obligation at this venue. Patrons are free to wear anything from their favorite and comfortable dressings. The alcohol at this Club is provided with friendly service and mood. Briar Patch has an outdoor bar which adds a natural feel to the clubbing experience. The most played music at this venue falls under Electronic Dance Music and different variants of it. Briar Patch is a relaxed place with a vibe of comfort and warmth. It is also a convivial Gay hangout that contributes to the buzzing queer nightlife in El Paso. Among the entertainment services offered at Briar Patch, the vital ones are a pool table, a dance floor, and the patio which holds the outdoor bar. Briar Patch is located in the heart of downtown and Pride Square.

Touch El Paso 

Touch is a Bar and Nightclub located in El Paso. This place is one of the best El Paso has to offer for an LGBT nightlife experience. The dress code at Touch is not enforced. The visitors, guests, and patrons are free to wear anything of their choice – other than the nude. It could be anything including casual, fancy, fashionable, high end or rough wear. At Touch, alcohol services are taken care of well. There is a full-fledged bar available at the premises. Alcoholic beverages, whiskey, and special drinks are offered to the patrons. When it comes to music, Touch plays an abundance of music that falls under Electronic Dance Music. Touch is also referred to as the premier nightlife entertainment destination by the locals in El Paso. The drag shows are one of the best in the whole Southwest hosted at Touch. On every Sunday, the patrons are offered a Las Vegas Style Drag Brunch.


El Paso has an avid presence of Gay and LGBT Nightclubs. These nightclubs successfully provide a safe and accepting space for all identities, including the LGBTQ+ crowd. Touch Bar and Nightclub is the hottest and a significant contributor to the LGBT wave in El Paso. It offers a premier nightlife entertainment experience to all its patrons. From killer DJ sets to immaculate Drag Queen Shows and Sexy Gogo Dancers, LGBT nightlife has got it all covered. EPIC bar and grill is another giant for the Gay and LGBT nightclubs in El Paso. EPIC Nightclub and The Briar Patch Nightclub are located on Stanton street, making it a hotspot for LGBT influence and glam. Touch Bar and Nightclub have an energizing effect in the community. Briar Patch is famous for being a high-energy gay club in the heart of downtown. Pride Square is the locally known area where all the LGBT nightclubs are contained in the vicinity. Regular Karaoke, Drink Specials, and glamorous Themed Parties make LGBT nightlife in El Paso a big hit!

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