EDM Clubs in Madrid

You’re looking for the absolute best clubbing options in Madrid if yo uwant to dance to EDM…

So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best EDM clubs in Madrid. (More in-depth further below)

Electronic Dance Music that has various genres including Disco, House, Techno Hardcore and Pop.  Madrid is very popular in EDM Clubs. These EDM genres are also very broad, each and every one of them has their own sub-genres and cultures. It is believed that EDM dates back to the sixties until the eighties when the midi was invented and the unique synthesizer sounds became popularized. EDM in Madrid may be hard to find at the start. 
However, some of the most famous clubs in the city are known for their EDM parties. Some of the most vibey EDM clubs in Madrid include: Delirium Dance Club, Goya Social Club, The Host Club, Mondo Disko, planet Club, Kapital, Moondance, Opium Club, Nomad Club, Gotham Club, Ohm Club, Palace Disco Club, Bearbie Madrid, Kluster, Stardust, Eleven Club Madrid, Sala El Sol, Ya’sta Club, Discoteca Azúcar.

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1. Mondo Disko Madrid

Mondo Disko

The night club that was first welcomed to the world in 1999, Mondo Club, Madrid, is a popular electronic dance music club which is frequented by music lovers, both local as well as international. One of the biggest attractions of Mondo Club is the friendly vibe and ambience of the club. The club has an outstanding sound system which it uses to play the favorites of the club goers of Mondo.

2. Goya Social Club Madrid

Goya Social Club Madrid

Goya Social Club is a small club with a capacity of just 200 people. However, this night club has become one of the most favorite spots for party goers in Madrid. The décor of the club is quite notable; a subtle blend of an industrial space meets a clandestine atmosphere. The night club is exclusive and stands out from other nightclubs due to several reasons. The sound quality, the music selection, the mix of performing DJs and artists and the location of the club.

3. Teatro Kapital Madrid

Teatro Kapital MadridThe largest and the most diverse club in all of Madrid, Kapital Club is spread out over 7 floors! With each room oozing a different vibe and atmosphere, Kapital Club has become the most sought after club in all of Madrid. A favourite amongst VIP guests and Real Madrid football players, club goers have a huge chance of bumping into some very famous faces in this club. Of course, being such a super exclusive club in Madrid comes with a price.

4. Teatro Kapital Madrid

Teatro Kapital Madrid

Slowly working its way up to the hearts of club goers in Madrid, Opium Club has now become one of the most exclusive and the best VIP Clubs in Madrid. Much like its famous twin in Barcelona (Opium Barcelona), Opium, Madrid is the go to place to enjoy some of the best live performances, concerts and the talents of local and international artists both.

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Ready to get your blood pumping? The Spanish capital is a lively destination with plenty of dance clubs and even more people ready to enjoy them.

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