Latin Clubs in Madrid

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Are you on the lookout for the most lively latin clubs in Madrid?

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best latin clubs in Madrid. (More in-depth further below)

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If you want to go out dancing salsa in Madrid you’re in luck because Madrid is one of the best cities for salsa dancing every day of the week. It’s a beautiful city, with a lot of salsa nightlife on offer such as Latin discos.

The great thing about the dance scene in Madrid is that no one will make fun of you. So even those who are complete novices when it comes to salsa or latin dancing will have fun. You may even come across a few locals who are more than happy to help you further.
There are plenty of clubs and bars where you have the opportunity to dance salsa all night through. Mitty Cats, Discotheque Azucar Salsa Madrid, La Negra Tomasa, Joy Eslava, Cacao Restobar, Gramabar, Discoteca El Son

In Conclusion

So it shouldn’t come as any surprise to you when we say that this city has an exciting latin dance. In fact latin/salsa dancing in Madrid is something not to be missed during your visit. This is because it is a very social activity. Through dance you have the perfect way of integrating into Madrid culture.