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If you’re looking for the finest in techno, tech house and house acts, here are some of the best venues you need to head to in Madrid. Madrid, city of Real Madrid, its galácticos and Goya. Madrid, city of tapas renowned for electronic music. The City proudly competes with the likes of major European cities for the fun and entertainment it can offer. When it comes to Madrid’s nightlife it is intriguing, hot, trendy and indefatigable. The city is well renowned for its vivacious nightlife as it has to offer and the best discos where you can dance till the dawn
The city has the choice of tapas bars, nightclubs and concerts which suit the needs or preferences of people with varied taste and wants. Fabrik, Mondo Disko, Goya Social Club, Bruch, LAB Madrid, Nox Club, Taboo, Joy Eslava, Baton Rouge, Le Boutique and Stardust.

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1. Fabrik Madrid

The outdoor terrace area has its very own river; something you would not expect of a usual nightclub! There are giant ice machines inside the club which fill up the insides with smoke, creating a mysterious atmosphere to find interesting people at the club to vibe with. The audio-visual impact given by Fabrik is just out of this world; something which you need to experience at least once when in Madrid. 

2. Mondo Disko Madrid

The night club that was first welcomed to the world in 1999, Mondo Club, Madrid, is a popular electronic dance music club which is frequented by music lovers, both local as well as international. One of the biggest attractions of Mondo Club is the friendly vibe and ambience of the club. The club has an outstanding sound system which it uses to play the favorites of the club goers of Mondo. 

3. Goya Social Club Madrid

Goya Social Club is a small club with a capacity of just 200 people. However, this night club has become one of the most favorite spots for party goers in Madrid. The décor of the club is quite notable; a subtle blend of an industrial space meets a clandestine atmosphere. The night club is exclusive and stands out from other nightclubs due to several reasons. The sound quality, the music selection, the mix of performing DJs and artists and the location of the club.

In Conclusion

Of course, all you need for a night of techno is a good speaker. Madrid offers locals and foreigners alike an unforgettable experience with an underground environment, advanced sound system, and unsuspecting friendship waiting. There is no doubt that the electronic scene is expanding in Madrid.

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