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If you love hearing the heavy bass or loud treble of a song and feeling it match your heartbeat, then the EDM clubs of Myrtle Beach are the right place for you. These venues have perfected the environment you need to relax after a long day at work or a very stressful week. The sound and lighting systems are very modern, so those who visit the club do not miss out on the complete clubbing experience. They will feel themselves letting go of their worries as the light flickers overhead. There are visual displays on the screens to set the psychedelic mood for the evening. Myrtle Beach has a lot of local talent, and the DJs put together their setlists according to the occasion and the crowd’s mood. These clubs invite performers and musicians from other cities to ensure the local group does not get bored of seeing the same faces. There is always something exciting happening at any of these places, and you will find yourself having a great time. If you are passing through, check out our carefully selected EDM clubs for the city of Myrtle Beach before you head out.

3001 Nightlife Myrtle Beach

An establishment that houses three different venues under a single name is what 3001 Nightlife is all about. They have been serving Myrtle Beach for 35 years and relaunched under the new name to bring back drinks, dance, and shag. They have a huge dance floor which could be considered one of the largest on the East Coast. The doors are open to everyone, and you will find something in there for you, no matter what age or musical preferences you possess. The nightclub promises an excellent time to whoever walks through the doors.

3001 Nightlife also invites live bands to play almost every other night. You can sing and dance along to the best music in the State. They also play old music on one of the dance floors to attract an older crowd. It is not a South Carolina venue without any no-shag music, and you can find couples kicking up sawdust here too.

 Malibu’s Surf Bar Myrtle Beach

Malibu’s Surf Bar is a dance club that is open seven nights a week and brings in the wildest and most energetic crowds every summer. They have a beach bash every night where you can expect to attend outrageous parties. It is the ultimate destination for the young people of Myrtle Beach and is located inside the Celebrity Square on Broadway at the Beach. The laid-back atmosphere at the nightclub makes it such a popular place with the locals and tourists. You will feel like you are actually at Malibu Beach once you step foot in there.

There is state-of-the-art lighting set up with music technology that is ready to support the bass blasting playlists of any DJ. Malibu’s Surf Bar is one big indoor beach party where you can relive the good times from the best holiday parties and college raves.

Spanish Galleon Myrtle Beach

The Spanish influence on Myrtle Beach has resulted in the Spanish Galleon Dance Club, a popular place for drinks and dancing. It is in the middle of the Ocean Drive District on the city’s Northside and is the perfect place to find an energetic crowd. People from all over the Grand Strand come over to listen to the DJ and live bands hosted by the venue. You can enjoy the view of the ocean and sip on refreshing drinks when you are tired of dancing.

The beauty of the Spanish Galleon is that it is located inside the Ocean Drive Beach and Golf Resort. It is right next to an amusement park and brings in many tourists from near and far. You can lounge by the beach and enjoy the local tradition of shag dancing. It is effortless to learn, and the crowd will welcome on the dance floor with open arms. The playlist is heavy on the old classics from the ’80’s so it is the perfect place for old souls to boogie. 


Now that you have gone through our list for EDM nightclubs in Myrtle Beach, you might realize that you were underestimating what this small beach town has to offer. There are some very high-end establishments here that could compete with the best of the best. They are worth a visit because of the music they play and because of the general vibes. The staff at each establishment makes the visitors feel right at home, and their VIP service is also excellent. These places are often the venues for celebrations, and you will find birthday boys, girls, bachelors, and bachelorettes or even recent graduates having the time of their life. You can lounge at the bar or any of the private booths they have available and enjoy your drinks while you take a break between songs. Whether you find yourself sipping a cocktail at 3001 Nightlife or having a giant pint of beer at the Spanish Galleon, you will be having a good time. The dance music will not let you sit down for long either, and even the most conscious of dancers will not mind hitting the dance floors because of the general atmosphere.

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