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Music has the power to lift anyone’s spirits, and with the catchy beats of Techno, it is impossible not to join the party. Myrtle Beach is home to many nightclubs, but venues that heavily feature Techno beats bring in a larger crowd. Locals and tourists jump at the opportunity to dance away their fears. These establishments have state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems to keep up with the fast music. The neon lighting, strobe balls, and special effects will help you get in the mood for a full-on rave. The dance floors are large enough for everyone to have space to show off their moves. Some of the clubs in Myrtle Beach have multiple levels to cater to party people of all ages. You will find yourself in the right place with the right music, no matter which establishment you choose. They are known for their excellent service and friendly bartenders, unlike underground clubs in other cities. Techno attracts the best kind of people, so even if you are venturing out alone, you are bound to meet your type of people at the bar or on the dance floor. Please continue reading to find out more about the clubs we have picked out for your Techno night.

Club Oz Myrtle Beach

You can hear the sounds of techno and Latin music as you enter the Club Oz venue. It is one of the trendiest establishments on Myrtle Beach and is located right on Broadway, which is the center of all local nightlife. Oz is one of the only dance clubs in the area that can rival the big city counterparts. It is a place where everyone dresses up and wants to look their best. They have a highly modern lighting and sound system capable of putting on a spectacular show for the crowd. The crowd goes wild for the DJ’s world-class playlist because they will not find it elsewhere.

Fat Harold’s Myrtle Beach

Another venue that upholds the South Carolina tradition of shagging is Fat Harold’s. The club is a popular beachfront establishment that claims to be dedicated to shag and nothing more. You will find it surrounded by other venues on Ocean Drive, which makes up the hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach’s nightlife. It has a rustic appearance of a beach shack, but the interior will impress you with the hardwood dance floors and a wild crowd. They serve split beer and play the kind of music you would typically hear in the ’50s or ’60’s dive bar.

The club has an attached bar which is convenient for dancers who have worked up a thirst. Fat Harold’s comes highly recommended if only for beach music and entertaining dance performance. If you are new to the area and want to be initiated into the world of shag dancing, then the place also offers free lessons every Tuesday night. Mandy and River are the resident instructors ready to teach you the art of shag with their infectious positive attitude. The venue lives up to

Ocean Annie’s Myrtle Beach

Ocean Annie is a beachfront bar and nightclub that has been serving the people of Myrtle Beach for 35 years. The best way to beat the heat is by sipping on refreshing drinks while a cool breeze makes the ambiance more pleasant. It is one place that is open during the day, and the parties continue well into the night. The crowd is constantly bumping with tourists at this club because it is housed inside a resort. There is a large dance floor deck that doubles as a stage depending on the night of the week. 

Ocean Annie’s has a swimming pool available for those who do not want to take a walk down the beach.You can order drinks and snacks while you lounge on an easy chair and enjoy the playlist put together by the resident DJ. The ocean view, dance floor, and atmosphere make it one of the best places in town.


As we said, Myrtle Beach does not disappoint when it comes to Techno clubs. They may be a small beach town, but they can rival any of the bigger cities when it comes to partying. The atmosphere in these clubs is much like what you will experience in Ibiza or Monte Carlo. The crowd has a generous spirit, and travelers always welcome them with open arms. They are much more obliged to buy you drinks or dance with you so that you will take back fond memories of the city. It is straightforward to get lost in the music at places like Club Oz or Ocean Annie’s. The best part is that most of the clubs on the list are close to each other, so you could hop from one venue to the next if you feel adventurous. There are intimate venues host day parties, while others are much larger and better for drowning out your thoughts. Techno clubs are always more appealing to a younger crowd, and they offer other activities like arcade games and pools to keep them entertained all night long. We hope you have decided which place you will be going to on your next night out.

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