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The energy you can find at a hip-hop club is unmatched by any other venue. The music carries the people to an uninhibited place so that they can enjoy themselves to the fullest. There are places like these in Myrtle Beach, too, where you can go and discover your rhythm. The best hip-hop clubs in the city are always full of clubbers, but they will make room for one more kindred spirit. They have a much more laid-back atmosphere compared to the other establishments. You will find them to be lax with the dress code and generous with the drinks. These are the venues where you will usually find a younger crowd because of their patronage of the hippest music. The DJs are always open to requests, and you can ask them to play classics from the ’80s or the latest remix to chart-topping numbers. There will be enough songs to keep you on the dance floor for the entire night. Read on to find out more about the atmosphere, menu, and highlighted features of each hip-hop club before you decide which one you will be gracing with your presence.

3001 Nightlife Myrtle Beach

3001 Nightlife Myrtle Beach

An establishment that houses three different venues under a single name is what 3001 Nightlife is all about. They have been serving Myrtle Beach for 35 years and relaunched under the new name to bring back drinks, dance, and shag. They have a huge dance floor which could be considered one of the largest on the East Coast. The doors are open to everyone, and you will find something in there for you, no matter what age or musical preferences you possess. The nightclub promises an excellent time to whoever walks through the doors.

3001 Nightlife also invites live bands to play almost every other night. You can sing and dance along to the best music in the State. They also play old music on one of the dance floors to attract an older crowd. It is not a South Carolina venue without any no-shag music, and you can find couples kicking up sawdust here too.

 Malibu’s Surf Bar Myrtle Beach

Malibu's Surf Bar Myrtle Beach

Malibu’s Surf Bar is a dance club that is open seven nights a week and brings in the wildest and most energetic crowds every summer. They have a beach bash every night where you can expect to attend outrageous parties. It is the ultimate destination for the young people of Myrtle Beach and is located inside the Celebrity Square on Broadway at the Beach. The laid-back atmosphere at the nightclub makes it such a popular place with the locals and tourists. You will feel like you are actually at Malibu Beach once you step foot in there.

There is state-of-the-art lighting set up with music technology that is ready to support the bass blasting playlists of any DJ. Malibu’s Surf Bar is one big indoor beach party where you can relive the good times from the best holiday parties and college raves.

Ocean Annie’s Myrtle Beach

Ocean Annie's Myrtle Beach

Ocean Annie is a beachfront bar and nightclub that has been serving the people of Myrtle Beach for 35 years. The best way to beat the heat is by sipping on refreshing drinks while a cool breeze makes the ambiance more pleasant. It is one place that is open during the day, and the parties continue well into the night. The crowd is constantly bumping with tourists at this club because it is housed inside a resort. There is a large dance floor deck that doubles as a stage depending on the night of the week. 

Ocean Annie’s has a swimming pool available for those who do not want to take a walk down the beach.You can order drinks and snacks while you lounge on an easy chair and enjoy the playlist put together by the resident DJ. The ocean view, dance floor, and atmosphere make it one of the best places in town.

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Now that you have seen what Myrtle Beach has to offer as part of their hip-hop scene, you must have made up your mind too. If you still have not, you will be missing out on some of the best things the city has to offer in terms of nightlife. These venues come alive after dusk, and they continue to party until dawn. Each place has a different theme, but they all promise equal amounts of fun. You could hop from level to level at the great 3001 Nightlife, or you can dance with the waves crashing in the background at Malibu’s Surf Bar. The best thing about spending the night at a beachfront club is that you can cool off with the sea breeze after a few songs. There are also refreshing drinks offered at each club, so you can order from the menu or ask the bartender to prepare your poison. It does not matter if you are with a group of friends or venturing out alone. You will find people you can dance with no matter what time of the night it is. Make sure you pick a nightclub close to your hotel, and you will not have to worry about anything.

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